5 Famous Cricketers And Their Gadgets


If you’re among the top professional cricketers, you’re going to be getting both money and fame, at least here in India. So it doesn’t come in as any surprise that all the major cricketers have a lot of fancy gadgets they would like to show off. Let’s focus on their gadgets – smartphones, consoles and all!

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the face of Indian, if not global cricket right now, and rightfully so. Virat has been at the pinnacle of Indian cricket mastery and his money speaks for him. Kohli is an avid Apple fan and we have seen pictures of him with the latest iPhone. He also likes to play a lot of FIFA and he reportedly owns an Xbox One gaming console.of FIFA and he reportedly owns an Xbox One gaming console.

MS Dhoni

Literally, the second name after Kohli would be MS Dhoni. Years of brand endorsement and sponsorships have left Mahi a lot of wealth, which he has put to a lot of good use. Mahi has spoken about his love for the BlackBerry, but for now, he as many others, is sticking with the latest iPhone.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi has said in an interview dated way back that he likes to play games a lot. Previously he had a Play Station 3. Perhaps now he has upgraded. We’re guessing it’d be the Playstation 4 Pro, yes?

Sachin Tendulkar

The God of Cricket may have retired but money certainly keeps flowing in. In a heavily guarded life though, it’s hard to know the smartphones he uses. Rumours are aloof that the maestro likes to use iPhones.

Rahul Dravid

The Wall has had some quiet time while in retirement but it seems that his passion for BlackBerry is still there. Dravid is said to have upgraded to the latest from BlackBerry last year – the BlackBerry KeyONE.