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    Apex Legends Mobile India Launch: Download It Without Pre-Registration!


    Apex Legends is a very big name in the battle royale gaming genre. As mobile gaming has got a boom over the years, EA Games also planned to launch the mobile version of their popular battle royale game. The beta version is already out in some regions including India. Here is everything we know so far about the game.

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    Updated: 24th May 2021 05:38 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      What is Apex Legends Mobile Version?
      • Apex Legends Mobile Beta
      • Features
      • Availability
      • Compatible Smartphones
      • How to Download Apex Legends on Your Smartphone?

    Highlights of the Story

    • Apex Legends Mobile has released its beta version, and India is the first country which got the first beta release.
    • Although the stable version will take some time to get released, you can play the beta version by pre-registering it on Play Store.
    • Here’s what you need to know about the game. And also some methods to install it without pre-registering.

    EA Games is all set to launch the mobile version of their popular battle royale title, Apex Legends. It was two years back when EA announced the mobile version of the game. Since, then, there was no clear information about the launch of the game.

    Surprisingly, last month, EA announced the first beta version of the game. India is the first country that got the initial beta release, a few weeks back. Although the exact release date of the stable version hasn’t been revealed yet. However, we can expect to get the full game in a few months from now. 

    In this article, we will be discussing everything about the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile, and also how you can play it right now on your Android smartphone.  

    What is Apex Legends Mobile Version?

    Apex Legends Mobile is the mobile version of Apex Legends PC game which was launched in 2019. The PC version became quite popular over time with millions of active users. With its immense success, the developers have planned to launch the mobile version of the game.

    Apex Legends is a hero battle royale game that is currently only available for PC. The game features 20 squads of three people that use premade characters, also known as “legends”. 

    Download Apex Legends Mobile

    The game is very similar to other battle royale games like PUBG, COD, Fortnite, etc. You can create your own squad, or its server will match you randomly with other players. Before you start playing, you have to choose a character. As of the latest season, there are 17 characters available, although the mobile version doesn’t feature that much at this time.

    A squad can’t play using similar characters, so every player has to choose a different character. Each character has its own abilities, design, and a unique personality that gives the squad different powers. 

    The gameplay is pretty much same as other games, where you have to pick weapons and kill the opponent squad. The last squad which survives becomes the “Apex Champions” of the match.

    So, if we talk about the upcoming mobile version, then it will be the same as their PC version. The beta releases have shown us the exact same gameplay that we have in the Apex Legend PC. 

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    Apex Legends Mobile Beta

    Apex Legends Mobile Beta

    The developers announced the first beta release last month. And surprisingly, India was the first country that got the initial beta release. At this time they have also added the Philippines in the beta testing phase.

    The beta version was only available to the players who pre-registered on the play store for the game. If you have registered you might get a notification for testing the application.

    The beta has revealed a lot about the game. And by looking at the gameplay, it gives the same vibe as the PC version. Although it does lack in terms of graphics at this time. But we can expect that to get improved.

    EA Games is also set to extend the beta testing feature in other regions around the world, and that may happen later this month. 

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    Apex Legends Mobile

    The main purpose of launching Apex Legends Mobile is to bring the same experience as their PC version to smartphones. The features will mostly be similar to its PC version with a few changes. Although all of the features haven’t revealed yet EA games has confirmed that they won’t be including the cross-platform play for the mobile version.

    In the beta versions, we can see there is only World’s Edge Map Available. Also, at this time only 8 legends are available to play. EA has announced that they will reveal all of the features just before the stable release. But we can expect these features to start with. 


    Apex Legends Mobile features

    The beta releases of Apex Legends Mobile are also available for Android users and that too from selected regions. If you’re an Apple user then you have to wait for few months, as EA will be releasing the beta for Apple very soon.

    EA has planned to release the game as a part of series of tests. So as soon as all the beta releases are done, we can expect a stable release.

    Compatible Smartphones

    At this time the beta version can be played by the users having Android 6 or higher. So, only register if your smartphone is compatible. It’s also very much dependent on the smartphone you’re using. 

    Although they will optimize it for more devices in the future. The final release might have a different requirement as the game is still in the testing phase.

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    How to Download Apex Legends on Your Smartphone?

    You can play the game by pre-registering on the play store. It might take some time for you to get the notification for the availability of the game. 

    But if you don’t want to register and play the beta version directly, then there is a tweak for it. Below are some steps that you can follow to sideload Apex Legends Mobile on your smartphone:

    1. The first step is to download the APK and OBB file on your smartphone. Here are the APK and OBB download links.
    2. After downloading, now install the APK file on your device.
    3. When the APK file gets installed, open the file manager app and change the OBB file extension from .zip to .obb.

    4. Now open the Apex Legends Mobile game, Allow all the permission it asks. You may get a “No OBB found” error, just close the game.
    5. Now again open the File Manager app. Copy the OBB file from there and paste in “Android/OBB/”.

    6. After this, open the game again and it will work perfectly.

    This sideloading method may not work for everyone. As there might be some compatibility issues. In that case, pre-registering is the only option left for you. 

    Pre-Register for Apex Legends Mobile from Here.

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