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Apple Glasses: Apple To Combine AR And VR Tech For Smart Glasses


Apple might be releasing smart glasses or Apple glasses in the upcoming years. The major feature will include displaying information on both lenses.

- Updated: 14th Apr 2022, 20:51 IST
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    Apple Glasses Rumoured release date
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    Apple Glasses expected price
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    Expected features
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    • Processor and Battery
    • Apple Glasses and Privacy
    • Starboard User Interface

The much-rumoured Apple glasses have gathered a lot of eyeballs, yet there is a mystery of air surrounding the Apple smart glasses. However, we did our research to bring out a lot of information, including the release date, price, features and more. We will be talking about these in the following sections.

Based on the leaks and rumours, by far the most groundbreaking fact is that glasses are going to revolutionize the scene for wearable computing. One of the leaks suggested that the design of smart glasses is much similar to that of Google glasses launched in 2014. Apple has been working on the Apple glasses incorporating AR and MR tech for a long now. Here’s all that you need to know.

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Apple Glasses Rumoured release date

There have been many speculations that are being made about the release date of the glasses. However, no official statement has been released by the Cupertino giant yet. But one thing is sure, we will have to wait a bit longer as of now. This is because Apple will be releasing its AR and MR headsets first, post which the Apple glasses will be released.

Going by the rumours, Apple is planning to launch the MR headsets in late 2022 or early 2023. This means the earliest by which we can expect the launch of the glasses would be 2025.

Apple Glasses expected price

The glasses would be using cutting-edge technology to offer the best experience to their users. This means the Apple smart glasses will be positioned at a higher price in the market. Since there has been no official statement, therefore it is really tough to guess the exact price. However, if rumours are true, the glasses will cost the users $499 or more.

Expected features

Now, let us see what users can expect from smart glasses in terms of features.


apple glasses

First thing first, the design of the glasses is more or less said to be like that of Google glasses. However, there are no strong points to prove that. But one thing is certain- Apple is not going to compromise with the design, and that’s why we can expect smart features with great looks from the smart glasses.

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Designing a tech product that people will wear on their faces is quite a complicated task as the design, colour, and even the lens type can make or break the purchasing decisions.

Processor and Battery

The aim of the glasses is not just to be tech-savvy but something that everyone would like to wear. That means the features have to be as such. How fast or slow the battery drains depends upon the features added to the device. In the case of these glasses, features like smart displays, LiDAR, powerful processors, etc. are a must, so the battery has to be big.

Talking about the processor, Apple can highly depend upon iPhone processors.

Apple Glasses and Privacy

There is no plan to include a camera in the glasses. Instead, a LiDAR scanner will be added to the Apple smart glasses. That means others’ privacy won’t be interfered with. Another thing is that the content on the glasses will only be seen by the wearer and nobody else, so no one knows what you are viewing or reading.

Starboard User Interface

In iPhone, we have Springboard, i.e., the set of icons that are present on the home screen. In Apple glasses, we will have Starboards. However, this is just based upon the rumours we have come across. However, it is certain that Apple is going to use AR technology in the glasses.

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