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iPhone Fold: Everything We Know So Far


With companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Huawei leading the market with their folding smartphones, it would be great to watch what iPhone Fold has to offer to its users.

- Updated: 17th Jan 2023, 21:57 IST
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    iPhone Fold Expected Features
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    iPhone Fold Release Speculation
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    iPhone Fold Expected Price

The demand for foldable smartphones is increasing with each day. While Samsung is already leading the market with its foldable segment, Apple has yet not entered the competition. But sooner or later, Apple can launch iPhone Fold- the first-ever foldable iPhone. iPhone users already are excited about this new concept iPhone. Reports suggest that Apple is testing its foldable devices as of now but can soon push it for customer product release. The iPhone fold features might use hinges and a foldable OLED display to give its customers a large screen in a small footprint.

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iPhone Fold Expected Features

While the rumours suggest a lot of things, we are sharing what we feel is authentic. First and foremost, the iPhone Fold will be running on iOS only. There won’t be much difference in the features of the iPhone with the flagship iPhone it will be releasing with. The only major difference will be the fold gimmick.


iPhone fold

The disadvantage of foldable devices is their thickness. No matter how thin the phone is when open, its thickness is going to be doubled when closed. That might cause an issue when trying to fit the phone in the pocket.

However, Apple’s focus remains on producing thinner iPhones almost always. Therefore, the iPhone Fold might not be that thicker. Talking about the design, the iPhone Fold features might have hinges that could help it open more easily, and when closed, the iPhone might take a square shape that could easily be fitted in the pocket.

Earlier rumours suggested that the iPhone Fold will be similar to the Microsoft Surface Duo in terms of design. However, these rumours are shelved now.


You are more likely to see just little changes in the display of future iPhones. The current iPhones support OLED displays, which are flexible enough and can easily make way to iPhone Fold too. When makers introduced OLED in the mobile space, they showed how displays could be easily folded and rolled up using this technology. That being the reason why the OLED display will be a key for Apple’s foldable iPhone display.

While the nature of the fold type is still not confirmed, rumours suggest that Apple is testing two folding types- One where a Clamshell device can flip open into a phone-like device and the other where a phone-like device can flip open into a tablet.

Camera and Biometrics

We know Apple is known for its superior camera quality and puts multiple cameras in its iPhones. This tradition will continue with iPhone Fold too. While a regular device has just a front and back camera, a foldable iPhone, on the other hand, has a front, back, outside and inside camera option.

Talking about biometrics, it will be essential to watch where Apple puts Face ID in its foldable iPhone. However, Apple is most likely to take the most straightforward approach, i.e., placing the selfie camera and Face ID above the usable screen on the “Inside”. Upon opening, the Outside portion will have the rear camera with LiDAR. Apple might put a combination of the Face ID and Touch ID in its foldable iPhone.

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The processor that Apple uses for its iPhones is the A-series. So, it is more likely that Apple will be using A15 or A16, depending on the release in the iPhone Fold. Since the foldable iPhone might open into a tablet, therefore, Apple can also use the A12Z Bionic processor used as the most recent iPad processor.


With iPhone 12 series, the tech giant launched MagSafe- a charging system that is wireless and, in future, can be used to transfer data as well. The iPhone Fold might take advantage of MagSafe for charging.

iPhone Fold Release Speculation

If we go by rumours, the release date of the iPhone Fold is set for 2023 or 2024. But it can also be extended till 2025. Whatever it is, we will have to wait for a little more as of now.

iPhone Fold Expected Price

If ever Apple decides to release the foldable iPhone, it is expected to be launched at a significant price of $1500 or more.

Since no official statement has been made by the Cupertino giant about the Apple foldable iPhone, whatever we are sharing is still very slippery. However, we will keep on updating this page with the latest information as and when we get it. So, don’t forget to check it later.

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Highlights of the Story

  • There are a lot of rumours that suggest the iPhone Fold is a thing. However, Apple is yet to give any official statement on that.
  • The concept device might be named iPhone Flip as per the reports and could be the first Apple foldable iPhone.