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    Apple Releases Overhauled macOS “Big Sur” At WWDC 2020


    The next-gen Apple macOS Big Sur is here with an overhauled design with Notification Centre & Control Centre among other features.

    By Narender Kumar | 
    Updated: 25th Jun 2020 20:56 IST
    macOS Big Sur

    Highlights of the Story

    • macOS Big Sur is a refined version with improved visual cues.
    • Control Centre & Notification Centre gives macOS Big Sur an iOS-like feel.
    • Safari has been overhauled for a refined user experience.

    The next big thing that was announced at the WWDC 2020 by Apple is the latest macOS Big Sur. Named after a mountainous terrain in California, the Big Sur does bring a lot of features on-board. Apple has managed to overhaul the user interface of Big Sur that brings it much closer to iOS and iPadOS where the latter is almost the amalgamation of both iOS and macOS.

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    The macOS Big Sur has been refined in terms of its visual languages with cues from other operating systems under Apple’s ecosystem as aforementioned. The OS looks spacious thanks to the various improved visual cues including curved window corners, colour palette, and more. With that being said, the dynamic widgets have trickled down to Big Sur. The new version has an improved messaging interface with the inclusion of pinned conversations, grouping, and editing. The Memoji feature has gone live as well.

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    Next up, the macOS Big Sur has received a Control Centre that gives quick access controls right on the desktop just like how you would flick to raise Control Centre on your iPhone. The all-new Notification Centre is available as well with interactive notifications, grouping, and more.

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    Further, the Safari that was released in 2003 has also received a much-needed upgrade. Safari is well-known for its prowess over other browsers on Mac and it is an average 50% faster than Google Chrome that could be called a RAM eating monster, to be honest. Apple has reworked how Safari works by reiterating the tabs options, quick view of pages by hovering, and other improvements.

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    The Apple Maps on macOS Big Sur has received a major overhaul as well. Search for anything you want from airports to shopping centres to restaurants in a 360-degree view. There’s an easy way to track cycling and electric vehicle routes on the map and sync it with your iPhone when you are in a hurry. Apple has also worked on upgrading the privacy aspect of Big Sur offering transparent and overall control over data.

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