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Revolutionising Shopping Standards In India: The Azorte Style!


Tired of waiting in the long queues at the billing counter? Looking for the size availability at the store in a hassle-free manner? With features as interesting to solve the problem statement, Azorte by Reliance Retail brings you an altogether different experience.

- Updated: 5th Oct 2023, 15:04 IST
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    What’s Azorte?
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    What Makes Azorte So Special?
    • 1. Smart Trial Room- We Bet You Did Not Experience This Before!
    • 2. Electronic Signage System
    • 3. Discovery Kiosks
    • 4. Scan Pay Go
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    Our Takeaway!

Shopping has been a favourite pastime of people from all generations and across the globe. However, apart from a digitalised billing and setting of e-commerce application for the respective platform, nothing much came up in the field of shopping even after the technological revolution.

Even though shopping has become a much more convenient thing for users through the use of e-commerce penetration, the satisfaction of offline shopping is still unmatched. To make the process of store buying easier and more convenient for users, Reliance Retail has come up with a one-of-a-kind experience named Azorte.

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What’s Azorte?

The Cashify TechByte team had the exclusive privilege of visiting the Azorte store, and hence, the article to enrich our readers with a unique and never-before-experience is rendered right here before you. Let’s begin the journey- Azorte Style!

azorte store visit

One of many brands launched by Reliance Retail, Azorte brings to you a fresh and competitive range of products like clothing, accessories, footwear, and much more. With eight branches spread across India (Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Bengaluru) currently, the brand looks forward to opening multiple other stores in the coming years.

Azorte has been a new entrant in the offline and online shopping arena; hence, the name is not quite as popular yet as other Reliance Retail ventures. While people saw the growth of Reliance Trends (another popular retail brand by Reliance), the experience of Azorte is one that has never been experienced before in the Indian shopping scenario.

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The brand seems to present the marketplace with a fresh cocktail of fashion, technology-driven processes, a customer-first approach, and sustainability, to name a few of the basic ingredients.

merchandise azorte

On its visit to the Azorte-Gurugram store, our team got to know in detail how technology has been playing a game changer in the development of Azorte as a unique Indian fashion brand.

The next section navigates you through an in-depth look at the features the brand had to offer the users.

What Makes Azorte So Special?

Five special reasons that will make your visit to Azorte even better:

1. Smart Trial Room- We Bet You Did Not Experience This Before!

smart trial rooms at azorte

While the store is equipped with a plethora of new features, this one is my personal favourite! The masterpiece of any Azorte showroom that will grab your attention is its smart trial room.

“I have never felt shopping this technically rich before! As soon as I entered the trial room, the smart board displayed the products I entered with. I wondered how it was possible until the store person told me that the room was laced with RFID technology!”, says Akhila, one of the middle-aged shoppers who talked to us right after shopping at Azorte.

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As soon as you enter the trial room, the RFID technology allows for product detection (as the article comes within a 10-meter range (approx) of the installed device). This makes user experience even more happening as you can see the exact products on a large LED touch panel screen.

smart trial room snap
Display of smart trial room screen when you enter with a product.

Additionally, you can see sizes available for the product you’ve brought in. So, let’s say you’ve entered with an L-sized t-shirt in their smart trial room. Now, on checking size, you feel that you must also see how XL of the same product fits in. All you have to do is to see if XL size is available on the display board. If yes, you can place the request for the same, and a store person shall come to you with the exact size of the product right near the trial room without you having to go out and search for the product again to give it a re-trial.

You can wonder how easy it becomes for solo shoppers, single mothers, or those who do not have people around them during shopping.

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2. Electronic Signage System

Electronic Signage System

Another feature we found quite captivating was the electronic signage installed for displaying the ongoing offers and promotions on different products. With electronic signage, a lot of printing and paper wastage is reduced significantly, as one does not need to replace the offers manually. Instead, this is taken care of by the back-end team that makes changes (as needed) electronically. Additionally, the readability of these display boards is quite convenient for users.

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3. Discovery Kiosks

discovery kiosk

You will find at least one discovery kiosk dedicated to a floor at Azorte. Firstly, these are one unique concept that can tackle a lot of rush at the store and make personalised shopping more happening. For example, you’ve found a perfect pair of pants, but you do not want to search the entire store for the size that you need. In that case, the discovery kiosk comes to your rescue.

All you have to do here is scan the product, select the product size displayed on the discovery screen, and scan the QR provided to you. Within the mentioned time limit, you shall get the required product at the nearest customer counter on that floor. Additionally, these kiosks also suggest alternative styling options in case the product required by you is out of stock.

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4. Scan Pay Go

azorte scan pay go

Another promising feature at Azorte that can help you beat the rush at the billing counter is the Scan Pay Go. Using this feature, customers can simply scan the products they want to buy through their phone’s camera lens. The product detail shows up. All you have to do is review the card after adding the product and pay the bill.

scan pay go system

You can show this digital copy at the counter, following which they will remove the RFID tags attached to your purchase. The purchasing becomes super simple!

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5. Threads For Good

threads for good

While many other stores are taking the initiative to recycle the existing fabric that is of no use to consumers anymore, Azorte is working excellently on this line. You can donate as much fabric as you want or even a single piece of clothing, and in return, you get 10 per cent off on the billing sum. This is actually as cool as it sounds, as a mere donation of unused fabric gives you an off on the new purchase.

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Our Takeaway!

No wonder, the way Azorte has digitalised the entire shopping experience, it is way ahead to set the right example in the future. While stores like Decathlon have already implemented features like self-checkout, multiple other brands are trying to penetrate technology intervention to improve customer satisfaction in times to come.

Additionally, it is necessary that the stores not just provide a platform for these new features but also ensure the functionalities offered to the user work optimally as they may grapple with issues like technical glitches, power cuts, or database updates required on re-stocking. Ultimately, the aim should be to leave users satisfied.

We specifically focused on the technology imbibition undertaken by Azorte to make shopping easier and more convenient for people. However, there’s much more to it, as you can find a premium range of clothing and newer brands you might not have encountered before.

Have you happened to visit their stores? If yes, drop in your thoughts in the comment section below. If not, tell us if you knew these features existed.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Azorte is of a one-of-a-kind shopping destination that brings together technology as well as quality for customer satisfaction.
  • The first branch of Azorte opened in September 2022 at Bengaluru.
  • Cashify TechByte got an opportunity to visit its offline store in Gurugram.
  • We bring you a shopping sojourn filled with technological comforts that this emerging brand has to offer.

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