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5 Best AI Image Generators To Turn Your Words Into Art!


Don’t you have any artistic skills or design experience but want to create impressive, legitimate, and sophisticated artwork? If yes, this article is for you. Read on to choose the best AI image generator for your requirement.

- Updated: 27th Dec 2022, 18:05 IST
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    What is an AI Image Generator?
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    Best AI Image Generators – Our Top 5 Picks!
    • Jasper Art
    • DALL-E2
    • Midjourney
    • Nightcafe
    • Fotor
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    Epilogue – Best AI Image Generators

Are you a graphic designer with no experience and struggling to find ideas and inspiration for your project? AI image generators can become a boon for you. The best thing about using the AI image generator is that you can create images with zero digital art experience and use it without worrying about copyright risk.

However, these days, the market is flooded with a range of options for AI image generators. Therefore, choosing the right one is a daunting task. In this article, we have hand-picked a few best AI image generators of 2022.

Therefore, without wasting much time, let us get into the details.

Before diving deep into the best AI image generators, let us first understand what it is.

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What is an AI Image Generator?

It is a tool using which you can generate real images from text. This tool uses a deep learning algorithm in which a large set of images and their associated descriptions. AI image generators can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to get some inspiration for your project, visualise ideas, and explore various concepts.

You can even use it for fun purposes. Using this tool, you can create various types of images, such as landscapes, objects, animals, characters, or 3D models. The best thing about this tool is that you can even modify such images using various customisation options and other details.

Best AI Image Generators – Our Top 5 Picks!

Jasper Art

Jasper Art

Featuring first on the list is Jasper Art. Its image creation procedure is quite simple. This tool takes text as input and, after that, produces excellent images as output. All you need to do is give some description as input, and Jasper Art will take care of the rest of the things.

The tool is easy to use, and there are various options for discrete art styles from which you can choose until you find the best one for you. Using this tool, you can create images without a watermark, so there is no need to rely on stock images.

Key Features

  • You can create unlimited unique images.
  • The tool can create four images at once.
  • Various styles available
  • You can create images without any watermark.
  • It will cost approx. $20 per month per user.

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The next on the list is DALL-E2. It is a tool that can create real images and art from simple descriptions in natural language. This AI Image Generator is developed by OpenAI that can create shockingly realistic images which are visually appealing.

All you need to do is input the text, and the tool will create a series of pictures based on the input given. If you want to design illustrations or generate new ideas for your business, DALL-E2 is the perfect pick for you. The excellent feature of this tool is its paintbrush. Using it, you can add detail to the images like colours, textures, shadows, highlights, etc.

Key Features

  • The tool can produce multiple images per minute.
  • The image quality and accuracy of the images produced by this tool are impressive.
  • In this tool, you can even modify the already generated images.
  • You can generate an unlimited number of images for free.
  • An image regeneration option is also available.


Midjourney Best AI Image Generators

Up next on the list is Midjourney. This tool comes with all-inclusive and quite fast image generation capabilities. Simply input the text and leave the rest of the things on the Midjourney. It will generate realistic, clear, and stunning images using a Discord server.

You can generate the first 25 images for free, and after that, you need to opt for the basic plan for $10 per month for 200 images. For the standard membership, you need to pay $30 per month, and you can make unlimited use of the tool.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Quickly you can generate images.
  • The image quality is excellent.
  • Four images per time.

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Coming up next on the list is Nightcafe. It is one of the best AI image generator tools that can create authentic and creative images using simple words. This tool comes with various styles and creatives that can be used to generate different types of digital art.

The best thing about this tool is that the tool is beginner-friendly. Anyone can create and edit pictures with a single click in this tool. All you need to do is upload a picture to NightCafe, and you can convert them into the famous painting’s style. Also, each image that you design will be stored permanently in your account. Therefore, you do not need to worry about storing it separately.  

This tool works on a credit system. It means more credit = more images you can create. If you want to earn more credit, you need to buy it or participate in the community.

Key Features

  • User-friendly
  • In one day, you can create five images for free.
  • The image generation process is quite fast.
  • You can create high-quality images for print purposes.
  • You can choose from different art styles and produce images. 


Fotor Best AI Image Generators

Last but not least on the list is Fotor. It is an online photo editor which is used by millions of people globally. Recently, they have released an AI image generator that is user-friendly and can generate realistic images, 3D and anime characters, and any other kind of digital art.

The best thing about this image generator is that it is free and allows you to export images in full resolution. To generate images using this tool enter the text and click on generate button. Just wait for a few seconds, and you will get visually appealing images in seconds.

Key Features

  • You can generate ten images for free.
  • In this tool, image-to-image and text-to-image conversion models are also available.
  • Within a second, it will generate images.
  • You can create multiple images at once.
  • From the nine different styles, you can choose an image conversion style.

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Epilogue – Best AI Image Generators

In a nutshell, an AI image generator can transform your ideas into reality through customised digital painting that fits your requirement. Some AI image generators are costly, while others do not match your requirements.

Therefore, do thorough research before investing your hard-earned money into it.  Check out all the features, and based on them, decide if it fits your budget or not. Once you feel a particular AI image generator has everything you are looking for, settle down for it.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose the right AI image generator for you. Let us know in the comment section which AI image generator you have selected in the comment box below.

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Highlights of the Story

  • AI image generators have exploded in popularity over the last decade.
  • They can create high-quality images in seconds and are helpful for bloggers, designers, and small business owners.
  • This article is all about the best AI image generators of 2022. Read on to learn more about it.

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