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5 Best AO Smith Water Purifier That You Can Buy April 2024


Suppose you are looking for some great options for water purifiers. In that case, you need to definitely look into AO Smith, which has revolutionised the purification method through its patented technology and unique features.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:47 IST
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    5 Best AO Smith Water Purifier You Can Buy
    • 1. AO Smith Z5 Model
    • 2. AO Smith Z2+ Purifier
    • 3. AO Smith Purifier Z1 Hot+
    • 4. AO Smith Z9 Hot+ Water Purifier
    • 5. AO Smith Water Purifier Z8 Hot+
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Water purifiers are one of the most demanded products in today’s time. We enlist the five best AO Smith water purifier if you are looking to buy one in the coming time. Considering the way pollution has evaded our life, everyone wants to have clean and hygienic water facilities at their home. As purifiers come with advanced scientific methods to treat water, people need them now more than ever.

AO Smith has been a pioneer in providing world-class innovation by understanding the customer’s needs. The household range of products it produces has gained a long-time reputation because of its design, solution, and customer satisfaction. This includes the AO Smith water purifier as well, which is known to incorporate the latest and advanced purifying technology. By embedding the products with some top engineering in the field, like silver charged membrane technology (SCMT), the water purifier they produce helps families access safe and clean drinking water. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane of the AO Smith water purifier is a patented technology. Besides, most of its products are top-rated in the market based on customer reviews and feedback.

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5 Best AO Smith Water Purifier You Can Buy

Below is the list of selected five water purifiers by AO Smith that will help you in narrowing down the choice and making the best selection.

1. AO Smith Z5 Model

With an advantage of a design that suits every kitchen or room irrespective of size, the AO Smith Z5 ensures 100 per cent clean drinking water. It provides a double layer of protection using RO and SCMT that checks for microbial contamination after the purification process. Besides, the water purifier comes with eight-stage of purification, ideal for babies, adults, and senior citizens too. The Z5 model especially looks into maintaining the pH of the water to 7.5-8. This makes it ideal for drinking and keeps people hydrated.

Additionally, four digital indicators on the outer body show power status, level of water, flush and filter options. With a 5L of storage tank, this water purifier is one of the most recommended products. It is well suited for all types of water- borewells, tankers, municipal, and tap water too.

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2. AO Smith Z2+ Purifier

Z2+ water purifier provides six levels of purification that include- pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, and SCM technology. It is deployed with silver-activated post-carbon methods. This mainly checks the presence of any microorganism that could cause water-borne diseases. Additionally, it is also equipped with a mineral enhancer to add calcium or magnesium and balances the suitable pH throughout the water.

The high-tech water purifier has a major patented technology that yields maximum value to it. The Side Stream membrane (SSM) for RO membrane could treat water having low and high TDS values (Total Dissolved Salts), making it ideal for consumption. Also, it has five major LED indicators- power, water level, and working of the purifier. The other two advanced indicators help customers understand if there is a need to change the RO membrane or the other filters. As you make use of the gooseneck faucet attached to the purifier, your dream of drinking pure tap water becomes a reality.

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3. AO Smith Purifier Z1 Hot+

One of the only water purifiers in India that give you a choice to get treated hot water. Yes, you read it right! You have the option to select from two temperature ranges – 45 and 80 degrees Farhenheit. However, if you want to treat water with TDS below 200, this is a perfect choice. The compact purifier is wall-mountable. Further, one can keep it on the table top too. The outer material is of food-grade plastic and has a large capacity to store 10L of water.
It comes with seven main indicators designated for different purposes.

For example, to check the level of water, power source, purification status, temperature, and availability of hot water. Additionally, for kids’ safety, it contains a child lock to prevent any accidental flow of hot water. Besides, an additional indicator acts as an advance alert to let the users know that it’s time to change the RO membrane! The five-stage purification technique helps treat water with low TDS and supply the best quality water for household consumption.

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4. AO Smith Z9 Hot+ Water Purifier

Suited for TDS levels above 200, the Z9 model can be mounted on the wall and works on touch sensors. To ensure optimal quality of water with balanced pH and good taste, this model is embedded with RO and SCMT. Besides, an energy-efficient purifier helps conserve a lot of energy waste by intimating the user when the water level is full.

The eight-stage purification helps in getting 100 per cent safe drinking water. The advanced recovery technology (ART) instilled in the water purifier reduces two times lesser water wastage which helps conserve water. Here, you can fetch mineralised water at two different temperatures- 45 and 80 degrees Farhenheit. So, preparing an instant hot tea is not a distant dream!

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5. AO Smith Water Purifier Z8 Hot+

This range of water purifiers by AO Smith comes with 10L of water storage. Usually, paediatricians suggest that small children be given boiled water only to avoid any water borned infection. This water purifier caters to this demand as it is designed especially with eight stages of advanced purification methods. This makes the water absolutely safe for babies and kids. Besides, using the inbuilt RO membrane, you can purify water with TDS levels too high.

The ZX double protection dual filter leverages silver activated post carbon block and SCMT for producing the purest water. You can always rely on this water purifier to get instant hot mineralised water instead of water for long hours to boil it.

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Even though the regular purifiers provide a limited warranty on the electrical and selective parts, it needs to catch up to the AO Smith water purifier. The latter gives a one-year comprehensive warranty on the RO membrane, other filters, and electrical and functional parts. Besides, the user reviews and ratings for all the products have been exceptionally good. If you are looking to buy one recently, then do not leave our list out. These water purifiers by AO Smith will make your choice of products even clearer.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Do you know that not all water purifiers come equipped with the technology to produce mineralised hot water?
  • With AO Smith pioneering the field of innovation, the water purifier can produce 100 per cent safe drinking water in hot and cold temperatures.
  • Besides, the RO membrane is patented to ensure hygienic uncontaminated water.

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