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    5 Best Credit Card Bill Payment Apps in India


    Looking for the most reliable and the best credit card bill payment apps in India? Look no further! Here’s a curated list of the best credit card bill payment apps.

    By Abantika De | 
    Updated: 17th Jun 2022 00:33 IST

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      List of best credit card bill payment apps
      • 1. Cred
      • 2. Paytm
      • 3. Mobikwik
      • 4. Phone pe
      • 5. Amazon Pay
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    Highlights of the Story

    • Nowadays, we all use credit cards to pay for our purchases.
    • When it comes to paying credit card bills, we all want it to be a simple and painless procedure.
    • We have curated a list of the best credit card bill payment apps.

    Have you ever considered that paying your credit card payment can be rewarding as well? Yes, it is, and today we’ll look at the best credit card bill payment apps in India.

    Best credit card bill payment apps will provide you with the best options for storing all credit card information and retrieving the bill that needs to be paid each month. We won’t miss any deadlines this way, and we’ll be able to pay our expenses with a single click.

    Let’s take a look at the best credit card bill payment apps in India

    List of best credit card bill payment apps

    1. Cred

    Cred is India’s most popular and one of the best credit card bill payment apps. Every time you pay a bill with Cred, you will be rewarded with an equal number of Cred coins. After that, you can exchange these Cred coins for deals.

    To receive cash incentives, claim mystery cashback after paying a bill of at least $1,000. The programme offered good prizes at the beginning, but these have since been substantially reduced. As a result, don’t expect enormous offers.

    Bill PaymentEarn *Up To*
    ₹1,000₹1,000 (5 times/ month)

    Cred also allows you to connect your Gmail account to automatically download credit card statements, but if you’re concerned about your privacy, you should avoid using this tool. There’s also a one-of-a-kind referral programme that pays you 750 dollars for referring friends.

    Key features:

    • Pay your credit card bill via UPI or net banking 
    • Receive surprise cashback when you pay your bills.
    • Reminders for payments, a smart statement, and a free credit score
    • Pay rent using your credit card effortlessly

    Note: Individuals need to have a credit score of 750 or above to register on Cred.

    2. Paytm

    Paytm is India’s most popular and also one of the best credit card bill payment apps. It allows you to pay all sorts of bills. While there is no permanent cashback structure, a limited-time campaign offer is now available.

    On bill payments of INR 5,000 or more, you can earn a scratch card worth up to 1 lakh reward points. 1 lakh cashback points equal INR 1,000, and every card transaction will earn you a minimum of 1,000 points.

    Cashback incentives are subject to change at any time. As a result, double-check before paying. Except for VISA and Mastercard, Paytm allows you to pay bills with debit cards.

    Key features

    • Pay your credit card bill with your Paytm balance, UPI, debit cards, or net banking 
      When you pay your bills on time, you might get rewarded occasionally.
      Bill reminders on a regular basis
    • Rent can be paid using a credit card.
    • Generate credit reports for free

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    3. Mobikwik

    Mobikwik is another one of the best credit card bill payment apps to pay credit card bills instantly.

    When you pay your credit card payment with the Mobikwik app, you get Supercash as a reward. You can use this Supercash to make other payments in the app later (up to 5 per cent per transaction).

    You can also pay your credit card bill with your debit card if you don’t want to use UPI. This is beneficial if you want to meet spending goals with your debit card, and it’s a win-win situation. You can also pay with Mobikwik wallet, which has a 1.5 per cent convenience fee plus GST.

    Mobikwik, on the other hand, just had a massive data breach. Also, some people have complained about late credit card payments, so take that in mind.

    Key features

    • Pay your credit card bill with your debit card, UPI, or Mobikwik balance.
    • Every time you pay a bill, you’ll get Supercash.

    4. Phone pe

    Phonepe, another of the best credit card bill payment apps in India that offers the best cash back, provides a section for paying credit card bills. Phonepe gives scratch cards as a prize. The feature will be enabled once you have paid the bill. It is a great app for UPI payments when compared to other UPI apps. You can pay your credit card bill using UPI or a debit card using PhonePe. As previously stated, you will be rewarded with a scratch card containing a mystery cashback or other bonuses. Here you can create a Phone Pe account.

    Key features

    • Pay your credit card bill with UPI
    • Get scratchcards when you pay your bills.
    • Rent can be paid using a credit card.

    5. Amazon Pay

    Amazon Pay is yet another one of the best credit card bill payment apps that uses your account information saved in your Amazon accounts to optimise checkout. It helps enhance consumer trust while improving the checkout experience by leveraging the security and fraud protection that hundreds of millions of Amazon consumers know and trust. Getting started is simple thanks to a simple integration procedure, built-in support, and ongoing optimization. Convert more customers by simplifying the checkout process.

    You may pay your credit card bills through Amazon, in addition to shopping and paying for mobile and other utility services. You don’t get guaranteed cashback as you do with Cred. However, you do occasionally receive offers in the form of prizes.

    In Amazon Pay, go to the rewards section to see if there are any deals on credit card bill payments. The offers will also appear in the area under Credit Card Bills.

    Key features

    • Using UPI or net banking, pay your credit card bill (minimum of INR 100).
    • Cashback deals on card bill payments are available occasionally.
    • Receive credit report for free

    Bottom Line

    These were the best credit card bill payment apps in India that reward you for paying your bills with cashback and prizes. Overall, Cred remains an appealing alternative due to the features it offers, followed by Amazon Pay with its infrequent deals.

    However, it is best to examine all of the available applications for offers before deciding which one to use. Which one do you favour, in any case? Do you have any recommendations for other best credit card bill payment apps? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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