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Best Crypto Research Site You Must Check Before Investing


After extensive research, we came across some of the best crypto research sites available on the internet that can help make better, well-informed & data-driven decisions when trading cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the best crypto research websites that can help you pick up the next multibagger.

- Updated: 22nd Dec 2022, 02:17 IST

Over the past couple of years, cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of a lot of people. If played well, users can bank on the profit which isn’t limited such as the Fixed Deposit accounts in banks. You will find a tonne of self-proclaimed gurus & traders online who call themselves pro-crypto traders. But with the right information at hand, you can make some wise decisions regarding your crypto investments. Following are the Best Crypto Research Sites that will make you a wise crypto trader and escape the clutches of all those so-called PRO traders’.

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1. CoinGecko

CoinGecko Best Crypto Research Site

You can say CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap (coming ahead in this listicle) look a lot similar. With almost 13,000 cryptocurrencies and 617 exchanges, CoinGecko is the ultimate destination for everything related to cryptocurrencies. It lets you check out the list of cryptos and NFTs among others including their volume, current price, historical stats, and more. 

You can switch between a multitude of languages and the base currency from the top-right corner options. Subscribe to newsletters and consume a lot of cryptos and NFT-related content. The extensive library of educational material is enough to make you familiar with everything else. The platform offers a series of new tools such as Gecko Terminal which is an interesting tool for analysing crypto assets on multiple networks.

Website CoinGecko

2. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap Best Crypto Research Site

There are a few names that we can’t forget when it comes to a listicle of the best crypto research site. Fortunately, CoinMarketCap is one of them. It is a truly all-encapsulating platform where you get access to 22,000 cryptocurrencies, their current prices, and 7-day historical data at a glance. Tap on any cryptocurrency to get in-depth data. This includes YTD stats, market cap, candle chart, communities to discuss, and more.

CoinMarketCap gives ranking, statistics, and tools like blockchain explorer as well as a platform to learn more about how cryptocurrencies work and how you can trade for better results. You get access to ICO Calendar, free airdrops, and much more onboard. 

The UI looks pleasing with white as a dominating backdrop. Even with so many features and elements happening on the screen, the UI doesn’t look overwhelming. This is especially good for beginners who might not even try to use CoinMarketCap if it looked cluttered and difficult to use.

One of the best crypto research site, CoinMarketCap supports an array of languages that you can choose from. You can keep an eye on coins, find hidden gems, create your portfolio, and track without any hassle.

Website: CoinMarketCap

3. Glassnode


Glassnode is dubbed as one of the best on-chain data and intelligence tools that let you analyze cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. The platform gathered data from different blockchains to generate reports on crypto network activity, metrics, and insights among others. For instance, it lets you analyze new coins and gauge their activity such as the number of active addresses with successful transactions. The platform is equipped with indicators that can help you decide whether to invest or not and if you will be making a profit or loss among other outcomes.

One of the indicators that it informs the users about is the net Unrealized Profit Loss (NUPL) which gives a number on how much investors would make a profit or lose if all units of the said currency were sold today.

Glassnode Academy is a full-fledged avenue for educating yourself about on-chain analysis and it is completely free. Glassnode has a premium tier as well starting as low as $29/mo while the highest is at $799/mo if you want to unlock advanced features. 

Website: Glassnode

4. Messari


The next big name when it comes to listing our best crypto research site (s) is Messari, a cryptocurrency data aggregator and it is a great tool to check out trending cryptocurrencies, and analyse their charts including historical and live pricing. Messari gives you access to a lot of tools too such as Assets Screener and Charts Explorer among others. The platform isn’t cluttered which makes it less overwhelming. You will find a tonne of information on each cryptocurrency you come across Messari. The Markets feature lets you dabble between port pairs and trading volume across different exchanges.

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You can get Messari for free or subscribe to its premium plan at $24.99/mo if purchased yearly. Get it for $29.99/mo for the monthly plan with no minimum subscription. There’s extensive news coverage although it is limited by Messari Pro so you will have to subscribe to the premium plan to get access.

Website: Messari

5. Cryptowatch


Cryptowatch offers crypto market data and charts with over 28 cryptocurrency exchanges. It has a multitude of interfaces right from browser to desktop to app making it available to millions of devices at once. It is owned by Kraken, a secured crypto platform. Cryptowatch is equipped with some unique features like correlations, and liquid bids among others. 

Once you view the chart, it gives you a tonne of information right from the pricing chart that you can set to correspond to 1H to 1W windows and more. There’s a depth chart that gives further magnification into the minutest details. Check out the watchlist, time & sales for those who are buying and selling, post limit orders, and more all on the single platform. It is available in both free and paid versions where the former is limited to some exchanges.


5. LunarCrush


LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform that doesn’t just consider the activity and transaction data of cryptos. It also crawls through social networks to gain insights into investor sentiments. As a matter of fact, an investor’s sentiment influences his/her decision to trade or invest in any crypto and that’s where LunarCrush plays a vital role in uncovering the behavioural aspect of trading. It can scour through troves of datasets on sites like Reddit and Twitter among others.

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A major part of analysis from LunarCrush is looking into the insights from social influencers that can cause tectonic shifts in pricing for cryptos. With LunarCrush, you get a comprehensive analysis using the power of AI to find actionable insights.

Website: LunarCrush

6. TradingView


If you ever want to stumble upon a goldmine, wish it to be TradingView. The one-stop platform for analyzing any of your investments, TradingView helps you uncover the potential of stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies and more. TradingView is a haven for technical analysis since many of the exchanges use it as their base chart. Tradingview is a charting tool that helps you analyse crypto tokens as well as share trading ideas.

Another interesting feature of Tradingview is that you can add indicators such as Moving Average, RSI, Oscillator, Volume, EMA, SMA etc. These indicators can help you identify patterns across multiple time frames. Indicators in Tradingview can help crypto trades in doing technical analysis and is an asset for traders.

TradingView is used by more than 30 million crypto traders and investors across the globe which makes it a perfect tool for any of your cryptocurrencies analysis.

Website: TradingView

Wrapping Up

And that’s where we come to the end of our “Best Crypto Research Site” listing that features 6 of the best crypto research sites that you can come across. Hopefully, these sites will assist unlock the potential of analysing better crypto-related investment strategies for better outcomes. 

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