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    Best Drawing Tablets For Aspiring Graphic Designers


    Digital media is becoming a valid tool nowadays. Here is a list of epic gadgets you must posses if you are hoping to join the stream of digital artists.

    By Yeti - 
    23rd Oct 2020
    Best Drawing Tablets For Aspiring Graphic Designers

    Highlights of the Story

    • 21st century has seen a surge in the number of digital artists around the world.
    • What artists around the world crave for is a set of gadgets that enable them to create a masterpiece.
    • Some of the amazing gadgets for digital artists are Wacom Cintiq touch, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and the Cintiq 13HD Pen Display.

    Digital artists have taken social media platforms by storm. These artists have come a long way from being attacked by the traditionalists to gaining recognition for their work. Many of them have made careers out of what started as a hobby. This is precisely the reason why there is an increase in the number of people aspiring to be digital artists. The fact that one cannot dismiss digital art, is to be understood and acknowledged. It is as valid and important as traditional art.

    Artists stay creative, free, inspired and pool new ideas to prove themselves worthy of praise. Authenticity of art is a reflection of their hard work. What a digital artist needs are tools that work with the flow of his or her creations. Digital art burns money. This is a bitter truth for the 21st century digital artists. Manufacturing companies, taking the struggle of these artists into account has come up with the best digital art gadgets.

    The perfect gadget truly does paint a perfect picture. Make sure to check these brilliant gadgets in the field of digital art.

    Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch

    Best Drawing Tablets For Aspiring Graphic Designers wacom

    Wacom Cintiq touch claims to have set a new milestone in terms of superior color and resolution. It enables a sort of adaptability through the well designed advanced interface. Fluidity, the 16:9 display with four times the pixel density of standard HDTV, the presence of pressure sensitive pen and multi-touch gestures add to its glory. This is the perfect gadget for image editing, 2D/3D animation, game development, print and pre-press proofing, and graphic designing. You can even add a Optional Cintiq Ergo Stand that offer a range of ergonomic options.

    Key Features

    • 68.6 cm/ 27 inch display size.
    • QHD 2560 X 1440 resolution.
    • Advanced control with 2048 levels pen pressure, tilt and multi-touch.
    • ExpressKey Remote time-saving settings for productivity boost.
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac.

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    iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

    Best Drawing Tablets For Aspiring Graphic Designers ipad pro

    An Apple iPad Pro along with an Apple pencil is a perfect art duo. This is great gadget for digital artists of this age. If bought, it is highly likely that you will feel as if you are carrying a mini art studio wherever you go. There are numerous digital drawing apps that can be downloaded in an iPad . The Apple iPad Pro with its 8‑core graphics processor delivers fluid performance for things like 4K video editing, 3D design and augmented reality. The Apple pencil is said to be intuitive, precise and magical.

    Key Features

    • Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
      • Wireless pairing and charging.
      • Attaches magnetically.
      • Double-tap to change tools.
      • Pixel-perfect precision.
      • Tilt and pressure sensitivity.
      • Imperceptible lag.
      • Compatible with iPad Air (4th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd generation).
    • Apple iPad Pro
      • Industry leading color accuracy.
      • Ultra-low reflectivity.
      • 120 Hz ProMotion.
      • True tones
      • 600 nits brightness.
      • P3 wide color gamut.
      • Liquid Retina technology.

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    Cintiq 13HD Pen Display

    Best Drawing Tablets For Aspiring Graphic Designers cintiq

    The Cintiq 13HD Creative Pen Display is packed with innovative features. It is a professional pen tablet with the ability to work directly on the screen. With professional ergonomics and an affordable design, it is all together an excellent choice. It is compact device with great color and resolution. Addition of Wacom Pro pen that ensures a delicate degree of touch makes this package complete.

    Key Features

    • Pro pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition.
    • Four customizable ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring, and Home Button.
    • Work easier and faster.
    • The new 3-in-1 cable makes setup to any Mac or PC in a snap.
    • Easy to accessorize.
    • Streamline your graphic design workflow.

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