A healthy body needs a healthy dietary pattern. In today’s time, keeping a track of what you eat and how much you eat is quite significant. The food weighing machine, thereby, helps you find an answer to how much you consume and thereby keeps a tab on the total calorie intake too.

With tonnes of junk food already introduced in the market, it becomes more than necessary to be mindful of what you eat. However, more often than not, we end up complaining that we lost track of how much food we consumed and hence it impacts our health.

With the help of food scales, you can ensure that you eat the right amount for everything. Our article delves deeper into the uses of such scale and what are the options that you can look for.

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Utility of food weighing machine

Food weighing scales can be kept at home for multiple purposes. It may seem ridiculous at times, but there are people who stick to their diets and strictly carry these scales in a bag to restaurants or eateries to keep track of how much they eat. Let us discuss some uses of food weighing machine in general.

  • Assists in mindful eating by consuming only what is prescribed. With scales, you cannot end up eating more than 100 grams of apple unintentionally.
  • Check the calories that you have consumed till that time.
  • Strict to a prescribed diet by your dietician/nutritionist/doctor.
  • Compact and hence can be carried easily anywhere.
  • Controls meal portions and help you avoid overeating.

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Best Food Weighing Machine That You Can Buy

Here are some of the options for food weighing machines that you can consider buying in recent times.

1. Glun Digital Food Weighing Machine


The weighing machine by Glun comes in quite an affordable range and can be a good try for beginners who do not want to experiment much with high-end machines. It comes with three basic buttons and easy operations.

One can change the unit calibrations as per the need. Besides, it displays the measurements with a wide LCD screen. The high-precision tension meter system helps get accurate measurements too.

Key Features:

  • Weight Limit: 10kg
  • Power Source: Battery (AA battery used)
  • Item Size and Weight: Small; 340grams
  • Low Battery Indicator

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2. HealthSense Weight Machine

healthsense machine

The sleek and stylish metallic-looking weighing machine is easy maintenance. The buttons are soft to the touch and can be kept easily without any dust and dirt. There are four measuring units that can be used with the machine.

The auto-off option saves unnecessary power wastage. Additionally, the food weighing machine also has a low battery indicator and precise one-gram gradation to give you the exact measurement.

Key Features:

  • Weight Limit: 5kg
  • Power Source: Battery (CR-2032 battery used)
  • Item Size and Weight: Small; 220grams
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant

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3. Dr Trust Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale

dr trust

The kitchen scale by Dr Trust gives the look of an actual weighing scale as it has an attached bowl-shaped BPA-free container where you can add the food you want to measure.

Additionally, it has quick five-unit conversions and backlight LCD displays. Whenever you are not using the system, the sensors auto shuts off the machine, saving considerable battery power from wastage. The BPA-free bowl is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily.

Key Features:

  • Weight Limit: 5kg
  • Power Source: Battery (Two AAA batteries used)
  • Item Size and Weight: Medium; 500grams
  • Precision Measurement Sensors

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4. HealthSense Chef-Mate Food Weighing Machine

healthsense food weighing machine

This food-weighing metallic machine comes with a large platform that can help in measuring large quantities of food. Besides, it comes with a bowl that can be used for food weighing too.

However, for portability, you can simply remove the bowl and carry the machine alone. The TARE function in the machine helps to recalibrate and set it back to zero when some container is kept above it.

Key Features:

  • Weight Limit: 5kg
  • Power Source: Battery (Two AAA batteries used)
  • Item Size and Weight: Small; 600grams
  • High Precision Scale
  • Free BPA bowl

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5. Chillaxplus Food Weight Machine

food weighing machine

The outer covering of the food weighing machine is made of stainless steel 304-grade covering, making it last longer and hence durable. Before you start using the product, ensure that the protective film is removed.

It comes with the TARE function that lets you weigh the food after recalibrating the machine once the container is kept. The product is extremely lightweight and provides correct measurements.

Key Features:

  • Weight Limit: 5kg
  • Power Source: Battery (Two AAA batteries used)
  • Item Size and Weight: Small; 300grams
  • Available in three attractive colours: Stainless Steel, Copper, and grey metallic finish.

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6. Perclution Enterprise Stainless Steel Accurate Digital Kitchen Scale

perclution food weighing machine

With a big key design and metallic finish on the outer body, the digital kitchen scale is the one that can be your go-to option for faster and better measurement. Additionally, the device comes with an anti-skid base that prevents sideslipping and hence greater stability.

Built with four Japanese sensors, it gives you exact food weights in four different units. The food weighing machine has an LCD monitor for display and two switches designated for power and unit transfer respectively.

Key Features:

  • Weight Limit: 5kg
  • Power Source: Battery (Two AAA batteries used)
  • Item Size and Weight: Medium; 280grams
  • Advance Measurement and Power Saving Mechanism

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If you want to be efficient in tracking your food intake, first and foremost, you need to check the number of calories required by your body by consulting a doctor or nutritionist. Secondly, you need a food weighing scale. Once you purchase a model that suits you the most, the next step is to download food tracking applications such as MyFitnessPal or MyPlate Calorie Tracker that could help you keep a watch on your every meal.

They count the overall calories, amount of macro and micronutrients, and pending calories that you can consume that day. With the help of a scale, you can feed in the weight of the food you have had and the app does the rest of the calculation. Finally, the entire process saves you from overeating and undereating making sure that you eat everything necessary but in the right amount.

Disclaimer: Always consult a doctor or certified nutritionist for understanding your calorie needs.

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