Google Docs is probably one of the best word processing applications available for free. It has a myriad of writing options, from writing blog posts to filling in resumes, there’s a lot that you can do with Google Docs. However, when it comes to the advanced options, Google Docs is missing a plentitude of tools.…2022-07-14 18:29:467 Best Google Docs Add-Ons That You Didn’t Know About!

7 Best Google Docs Add-Ons That You Didn’t Know About!


If you want to know which are the best Google Docs add-ons to use today, check out our list!

By Anirban Dutta Choudhury - 
Updated: 14th Jul 2022 18:29 IST
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Google Docs is probably one of the best word processing applications available for free. It has a myriad of writing options, from writing blog posts to filling in resumes, there’s a lot that you can do with Google Docs. However, when it comes to the advanced options, Google Docs is missing a plentitude of tools. Thankfully, there are many add-ons and extensions that you can use to make Google Docs friendlier for advanced users. We’ve curated a bunch of the best Google Docs Add-Ons that you can use today. Let’s take a look at them!



Grammarly is one of the most widely used writing tools today. It’s a powerful tool to keep your spelling and grammar in check based on the tone you’re using to write. While Grammarly’s free version comes with a fair amount of writing help, we recommend you to get the Premium version. It’s completely worth the expenditure and will help you write more professional copies with impeccable ease. With Grammarly, finding the right words to express yourself is easier!

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Search & Navigate

Search & Navigate

Sometimes, you have to sit down and edit long writeups on Google Docs. When you’re looking to edit out a mistake in a particular area, navigating to the site you’re looking for can be challenging. With the Search & Navigate add-on for Google Docs, you can navigate quickly to the bookmark, table, or text you want to edit. It comes with a handy sidebar that allows you to view all the essential bookmarks and headers on the document. You can also manage all your bookmarks, headings, or tables through the sidebar.

Doc Builder

Doc Builder

If you’re someone who works in the finance or legal sector and find yourself rewriting bits of information on different texts, Doc Builder is the add-on for you. Often, these bits of information or text are written multiple times in other documents. If you want to save yourself the time of rewriting them or accommodating them for the new document, you can use Doc Builder. This add-on saves frequently written snippets of text. Basically, you can reuse the text on other documents or when writing emails. You can also organise these texts based on their usage. Quite nifty, isn’t it?



This Google Docs add-on is for those of you who like editing and styling your documents. Google Docs, by itself, is relatively barebones in the styling department. Sometimes, you must style bits of information on your documents to highlight some critical points or make them look good for a presentation. With the Styles add-on, you can access up to 20 unique styling options for your documents. Whether it’s for some selected sections of the entire document, Styles can cover it all. However, you can’t create and save your own Styles with this add-on.

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Lucidchart Diagrams

Lucidchart Diagrams best google docs add-ons

When you’re working on a document for presentation, lengthily written articles don’t work well in terms of visual appeal. In fact, just written text could disinterest your audience quite easily. In order to maintain the interest levels of everyone in the room, you need to make your document more visually appealing. With the Lucidchart Diagrams add-on, you can add multiple visual elements to your documents. Whether it’s to explain hierarchies or a process through a bar graph and pie chart, all of these shapes are available with the add-on. So, you can choose the appropriate diagram to put your point across with more interest.

Code Blocks

Code Blocks

Google Docs can help us in many ways. However, it isn’t a coding textpad. Coding textpads allow you to input snippets of code for various purposes. With Code Blocks, you can insert little bits of code into the document that you’re working on. While it isn’t perfect for coding, it can be important when handing out assignments for technical jobs. Code Blocks can also detect the programming language that’s being used, and you can highlight the code based on your requirements. This is an immensely helpful tool for people working in technical backgrounds!

Easy Accents

Easy Accents best google docs add-ons

Although English words don’t use accents, if any, plenty of other languages do. When you’re working on a project for a foreign client in their native language, you might have to write words with accents in the right place to maintain authenticity. Google Docs doesn’t make it easy to enter accent-based letters and words into the document. However, with the Easy Accents add-on, you can easily insert accent-based letters. It features support for all the major world languages. The add-on can also be used for adding logic markers to math equations if that’s something you tend to do quite often. Overall, it’s an underrated tool you didn’t know you needed!

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Summing up

These were our picks for the best Google Docs add-ons you should use in 2022. Some of these add-ons are pretty simple but make your job much easier. While Google Docs does the basics well, these add-ons form a vital part of the complete word processing package. If you’ve found this list to be helpful, share it with your friends and colleagues who need to use add-ons on their Google Docs!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Google Docs is a great word processing software.
  • However, it lacks a few tools when compared to Microsoft Word.
  • You can use the best Google Docs add-ons to ensure a more complete word processing experience.

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