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    Best Samsung Smartwatch To Buy In 2022


    Samsung has been a prominent player in the smartphone as well as wearable industry and the latest Galaxy Watch 4 is the best the brand has to offer. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS and is built well. Here we list out all the smartwatches that Samsung has to offer right now and which one should you choose.

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    Updated: 11th Jan 2022 19:45 IST
    best Samsung Watch

    Highlights of the Story

    • Samsung is one of the best smartwatch manufacturers out there featuring premium build quality and dozens of features.
    • The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the best smartwatch out there that is compatible with both Android and iOS.
    • Along with that, we have listed a bunch of other smartwatches from Samsung that might be worth a look.

    Smartwatches are a must-have tech accessory to buy in 2022 and Samsung being one of the best premium smartwatch manufacturers out there. So which Samsung watch would be the best choice for you? Well, this is a question that can only be answered if you know what you are looking for in a smartwatch.

    If you are looking to buy a wearable gadget that can track your workouts or something which can replace your smartphone and you can easily wear it on your wrist. Samsung has options for all types of users be it a smartwatch that is focused on fitness enthusiasts or for someone who is looking for something premium. But the best overall smartwatch according to us is its latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

    The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are the latest smartwatches from the brand and ditching Samsung’s own Tizen OS this time the watch is powered by Google’s new Wear OS software. This is the result of a partnership between Samsung and Google and now we can have the best of both worlds where a premium well-built smartwatch meets with Google’s Wear OS that has access to millions of apps out there. So let’s see what smartwatches Samsung has launched till now in India and which can be the best choice for you.

    1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series have been the first attempt of Samsung and Google to work closely together and partners. Previously Samsung manufacturued and sold their smartwatches based on their in-house Tizen OS. But the latest smartwatches from the company are powered by Wear OS.

    The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is powered by the company’s latest Exynos W920 dual-core processor which is clocked at 1.18 GHz. It comes with 1.5 GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage from which 7GB is available for you to use. The watch also supports dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, NFC, and 4 satellite navigation systems.

    Samsung has also managed to provide an IP68 rating with this watch and it is claimed to be water-resistant up to 5ATM. Also, the watch features a rotatable bezel that that be used to navigate through the settings and home screens and this feature is missing from the non Classic variant of the Galaxy Watch 4.

    The watch is available in two colour variants Black and Silver and comes with a price tag of Rs. 31,999 for a 42mm Bluetooth-only version while the LTE variant with the same size will cost you around Rs. 36,999. The bigger 46mm variant of the Galaxy Watch Classic costs Rs.34,999 and Rs.36,999 for Bluetooth and LTE variants respectively.

    2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    The Galaxy Watch 4 was launched earlier this year along with the Classic variant with a sporty-looking model that is priced at Rs. 23,999 for the 40 mm variant while the 44mm variant is priced at Rs. 26,999. It comes with the best and exclusive health features such as ECG monitoring and blood pressure monitoring in countries which approves this feature.

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    3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

    Another smartwatch that is worth attention is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 which was launched last year in 2020 and is one of the best value for money smartwatches available in the market considering the price drop. It provides a very premium look, has a rotating bezel, and also comes with LTE variants so you can make calls without your smartphone with you.

    The Galaxy Watch 3 runs the Tizen operating system by Samsung instead of Google’s Wear OS, but Samsung users might prefer the company’s native operating system to Google’s latest one. The watch is available in India for Rs. 17,990 and is definitely a good value for money option available in the market.

    4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was launched about two years ago and features a sleek design with some features specifically focussed on fitness enthusiasts. The active lineup from Samsung is designed to provide a slim and lightweight wearable device that you feel comfortable wearing during your workouts. But in order to gain that slim profile, Samsung decided to drop the rotating bezel that you find on traditional Galaxy Wear smartwatches.

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    The company decided to mimic the digital rotating bezel that you can run with your fingers as gestures around the dial to navigate through pictures on the watch. All in all, it failed to provide the level of tactility and precision of the physical bezel that the original Galaxy Watch provides. It includes different workout modes, GPS and there is also inbuilt storage that you can use to upload your favourite music tracks and listen during your workout. 

    In terms of display, it includes A 1.2 inch 360 X 360 display which may seem small on paper but it is big enough to interact with and provides easy visibility to incoming notifications. In terms of pricing compared to the Galaxy Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has become more affordable and provides a great option if you are looking to buy a smartwatch that fits your workout needs. The watch is available in India for Rs. 15,000 on Amazon.

    5. Samsung Galaxy Watch

    Samsung Galaxy Watch

    The original Samsung Galaxy Watch paved the way for the world of variables and proved that there is a place for smartwatches in the tech world. It was the best Samsung smartwatch to date and positioned Samsung to be a true rival of Apple. It also came with an epic 4-day battery life which no other smartwatch provided at that time including the Apple watch. 

    If you are impressed with their battery life you can still buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch from Amazon at a much discounted price. In terms of features, it included a heart rate monitoring sensor, GPS, built-in storage, and an optional variant that provided LTE connectivity. It includes the latest health features such as ECG and blood oxygen monitor which new Samsung Galaxy Watch models provide but no newer smartwatch can beat its battery life. The watch is available in India for Rs. 18,990 on Amazon.

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