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5 Best Social Media Management Tools That You Can Use June 2024


Looking to make an unbeatable impression and create some amazing posts for your social media? Well, these five social media management tools will help you achieve this.

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 19:55 IST
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    Five best social media management tools that you must consider using
    • 1. Hootsuite
    • 2. Sprout Social
    • 3. SocialPilot
    • 4. SocialBee
    • 5. Planable
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    Final Words: Top Social Media Management Tools

Social media is a platform that no one is untouched with. To delve deep into increasing our social media presence, we explain about five best social media management tools that are making our work simpler and easier. The digital presence of almost every enterprise and individual who wants to perform well in business and build brand value is a prime example of the need for social media management tools in the 21st century.

Be it for messaging or connecting people, keeping close to your near ones sitting miles away through liking and commenting on their posts, and talking easily using voice and video calls; social media is everywhere! You know the status of your friend visiting Paris through their pictures on Instagram. Moreover, visiting new places and connecting with the new culture and people have become super easy. Thanks to the presence of social media, that makes strangers feel like friends.

Social media management tools perform various functions like post scheduling, tracking, planning, and ultimately posting. Suppose you have a page for your business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It was surprisingly difficult for one person or a team to manage all of them together. Every platform is unique, and so is the content requirement. Additionally, with social media management tools, this becomes 10x easy, as you do not have to do much brainstorming. All it needs is input and approval, and then it is good to go.

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Five best social media management tools that you must consider using

Below is the list of social platform tools that can help you aggregate your workplace on a single platform.

1. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media management platform that allows you to plan social media posts and get better engagement with your audience. Via the help of analytics and post performances, you get know-how of what is working and what is not. Based on this, you can make a final call. With the help of Hootsuite, you can manage your social media profiles for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, and LinkedIn.

Using this platform, you can use the calendar to set posts on different sets and add captions specific to each platform. Even if you forget to post due to other engagements, it ensures that your posts are delivered on time on the social media platform. Besides, one can even manage their messages on all social media platforms by logging into Hootsuite. They can answer them all at one single location. This is one of the biggest problems that many small and medium businesses face. Operating without considerable human resources and receiving several enquiries throughout the day can be cumbersome. Using Hootsuite, all these issues can be taken care of with ease.

2. Sprout Social

sprout social best social media management tools

Sprout Social offers a wide range of products that specifically aims at engaging with the audience and understanding trends in the market. Additionally, one can publish and schedule posts and, most importantly, make their own employees the brand ambassador allowing the business to grow multifold.

Often the lags in replying to the customers on time may lead to huge losses in business. Sprout Social overcomes this challenge. It is one of the top social media management tools that can help you personally respond to your customers and make them feel valued. You can add your accounts on Social Sprout, prepare the blueprint of posts, and start posting! Using the platform, you can collaborate with many stakeholders too who are working on different domains related to the same project. You can review their submitted tasks, too, before going further with the actual posting. Also, if you are wary of monitoring different campaigns for different social media channels, it helps you integrate it too!

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3. SocialPilot

social pilot

If you want a bird’s eye view of your entire social setup in the coming day, SocialPilot can help a lot there. It is one of the top social management tools that allows you to bulk schedule posts and curate multiple contents for social media platforms in one go. Besides, you can plan your RSS feed too. By using analytics, tracking the performance becomes easier and on the tips. You can sort the posts per day, week, or month and check the overall calendar accordingly.

It also happens that you realise later that you might have to make edits to the dates of posts. In such cases, you can reschedule, too, after auditing the social media calendar. You can also save considerable time by duplicating the posts in the future. Additionally, they are always a help in an emergency if you do not have a post ready for a day. The social media management tool can be used by agencies, small businesses, and enterprises. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Google Business Profile can be operated using it. SocialPilot can help one to generate PDFs using SocialPilot, which be collaborated upon and shared with different clients.

4. SocialBee

social bee best Social Media Management Tool

One of the most loved features of SocialBee is that you can use multiple platforms like Canva and Giphy to prepare posts for your social media. Mostly, it performs the scheduling task by adding time and date to post on different accounts. It is an affordable tool that can also help you have an insight into the posts.

Based on the previous posts, hashtags can be generated for the new posts too. You can even preview the blueprint of posts on the different networks besides adding multiple posts on each of them.

Using the engagements, you can also plan similar posts that work well on the platforms. Using its collaborating features, you can share and work on the same platform with your co-workers to have better insights into upcoming and posted tasks. Besides being dubbed among the top social media management tools, it can be useful by individuals and agencies to increase business and engagement with the audience.

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5. Planable


Planable is a social media management tool that is totally cloud-based and allows for collaboration among multiple stakeholders. You can add different accounts within the same platform for content management, automated publishing, scheduling, and sharing with clients, teams, and other stakeholders. You can schedule posts in different timeframes and make end-to-end work seamless. More than content publishing, it helps make quality content that can help you attain approvals quickly. You can set priority for tasks as per the need. The posts are available in the list, feed, grid, and calendar view.

Final Words: Top Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools are some powerful instruments that can help manage your accounts successfully without deploying multiple sources for the same work. The automation provided by such tools has been helpful in keeping track of everything that you plan or are planning for social media. Our list of some great tools that could assist you in managing social media platforms will always be handy.

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