Tired of paying for media content? Here is our list of the top 6 torrent apps that you can download on your Android and iOS device today!2023-01-11 20:41:587 Best Torrent Apps For Android And iOS

7 Best Torrent Apps For Android And iOS


Tired of paying for media content? Here is our list of the top 6 torrent downloader apps that you can get on your Android and iOS device today!

Updated: 11th Jan 2023, 20:41 IST
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    #1 µTorrent®- One of Best Torrent Apps
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    #2 Flud – Torrent App
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    #3 MediaGet
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    #4 Vuze Torrent App
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    #5 TorrDroid – Torrent App
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    #6 LibreTorrent
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    #7 VPN in Touch – VPN Proxy and Hotspot Security Torrent App

Everyone loves to watch movies or series right? Figuring out how to download this stuff? We have comprised the best, free torrent downloaders and apps here in this article. As, in the contemporary world, almost every kind of digital media has become payable. Moreover, it is not a small amount of money. Subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime and other sorts of OTT platforms does not come cheap. Besides, this becomes even more deep-rooted in a country like India. People are budget conscious here for the most part and these OTT subscriptions are something they will likely stay away from. This is where the magic of torrent apps and the best torrent downloaders come in.

You can get any sort of media in just a few clicks with free torrent downloaders. Want to binge-watch the latest season of Mirzapur or take a nostalgic ride back to F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Do you know free and best torrent downloaders can help you with that? Torrents can make all that happen for you in the best way possible. Moreover, you can store it offline for viewing late as well.

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So, we have listed a couple of the best torrent downloaders and apps for you. These are the best torrent apps for Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, these apps are very secure as well and will protect your data from hackers. However, we suggest you download a VPN service for your smartphone. There are plenty of free VPN services for both Android and iOS. Download any one of them and get started!

#1 µTorrent®- One of Best Torrent Apps

free torrent downloader

UTorrent is one of the most popular torrent apps for both PC and Android and is also considered the best torrent downloader. All you have to do is just search the media file that you want to download. Furthermore, the app provides you with a list of available links that you can choose and download from. After you have selected the file, just save it to your phone. Then, you can just open it and the download will start.

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A prominent feature of one of these best torrent downloaders is that the downloads in it have a very high speed. For example, if you have a stable internet connection, a 5GB movie can get downloaded in just 20 minutes or even less. This is among the free torrent downloaders and is quite easy to use. You must give it a try!

#2 Flud – Torrent App

free torrent downloaders

Flud is basically another version of uTorrent for Android and one of the best free torrent downloaders. Moreover, this means that you can download media files for free using this app. Additionally, you can also share it with other users later on. Besides, the download speed is not limited.

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Additionally, this best torrent app provides users with the useful feature of marking priorities. What’s more, you can also start watching a movie even before it has been completely downloaded. Lastly, the app supports NAT-PMP, DHT, UPnP, magnet links. Moreover, it can redirect magnet links from other browsers as well, which is super convenient and useful.

#3 MediaGet

free torrent downloaders

Just like uTorrent, MediaGet allows you to download media files from the Internet at a high speed. Moreover, MediaGet comes in super handy at times when uTorrent is blocked or doesn’t work for some reason. So, it is safe to say that MediaGet can work as the alternative for free torrent downloaders apps.

#4 Vuze Torrent App

torrent apps

This is similar but at the same time slightly different from other torrent apps. This best torrent downloader app is not only lightweight but powerful as well. Moreover, this is a BitTorrent app and brings complete torrent management directly to your smartphone.

#5 TorrDroid – Torrent App

free torrent downloader

TorrDroid is one of the best Torrent downloader apps for Android and iOS. And, the main perk of using it is the fact that it is very lightweight and works extra fast. Moreover, it does not have any additional functions to distract you.

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This torrent app was primarily developed keeping in mind the security of users. It gives you complete privacy to browse and download without any risks of being tracked. This is the feature that makes these free torrent downloaders the best and most unique. It has an in-built data encryption feature as well which reduces risks of fraudulent activities significantly.

#6 LibreTorrent

torrent apps

LibreTorrent allows users to directly search for the torrent files in the app itself and download them. This is not only convenient but less time-consuming. You do not have to go look around for torrent files. It is an all-in-one free torrent downloaders app for torrent clients.

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Additionally, all your downloads are encrypted as well so you can browse and download freely without any worries. Besides, this best torrent downloader app supports HTTP links as well which is an added bonus. What’s more? There are absolutely no ads that make browsing through content hassle-free and smooth.

#7 VPN in Touch – VPN Proxy and Hotspot Security Torrent App

VPN in Touch - VPN Proxy and Hotspot Security

Make use of VPN in Touch on your iOS devices to learn for yourself that it is the quickest and most secure mobile VPN service available. Public wifi may be convenient these days, but it also masks a lot of danger for its users since it is so widely available.

Hackers may simply steal your personal information if you’re planning to conduct banking, for example. Use this free torrent downloaders app to safeguard your connection in the case of a problem like this.

Connect to the VPN servers included in this torrent downloader app to encrypt your private information before it is sent over the internet. The VPN will not function if your phone is in sleep mode, but it will switch on whenever you connect to WiFi or 4G.

You can be certain that your personal information will remain private and secure thanks to custom data compression techniques developed only for this app. An additional benefit of this free torrent downloaders is that it prevents any unwanted advertisements from appearing on your screen.

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Now, look up and download your favorite TV shows, movies and games at the go. Happy torrent-ing!

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Highlights of the Story

  • UTorrent is one of the oldest and most popular and best torrent downloader apps.
  • Flud and MediaGet come right after alongside other apps.
  • Here is our list of the top Torrent apps for your Android or iOS device.

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