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Explained: How BSNL Speed Test Works


BSNL speed test is one of the best tools for evaluating broadband speed in your area. You can use the tool to determine whether you are actually receiving the promised data speeds. Let’s see how the BSNL speed test works.

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:50 IST
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    BSNL speed test
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    How BSNL speed test tool works?
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    How to test your BSNL broadband speed?
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    How to improve BSNL internet?
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Do you have a BSNL connection that is experiencing sluggish internet speed? Is your actual Internet speed slower than what your ISP promised? It occurs when there are issues with your Internet connection. At this step, you need to check the speed of your BSNL Internet connection. To test the actual Internet speed of your BSNL Internet connection, the BSNL speed test simply refers to a dependable and seamless BSNL speed test.

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BSNL speed test

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, also known as BSNL, is a telecom firm that is wholly controlled by the government and offers its customers mobile, fibre, and broadband internet services. With millions of users handled daily and a reputation as the notorious state-owned telecom operator in India, BSNL offers a broad variety of plans from which you can choose all day long. Customers now receive a new BSNL speed test metre in addition to their internet or broadband service, which helps them figure out their usage speed and eliminate sluggish internet speed.

How BSNL speed test tool works?

The BSNL speed test tools operate by downloading a file of a specified size from your internet connection to the closest server location, after which it calculates the average time required to download that file. Following that, the speed will be determined and shown on your computer’s browser screen in Kbps or Mbps.

The same process is used for uploading, but this time the file is uploaded to the closest server rather than downloaded.

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How to test your BSNL broadband speed?

Internet speed is expressed in Mbps, Kbps, or other higher numbers. Simply said, a BSNL speed test is an online test of your BSNL connection’s internet speed. The test begins with the upload of the speed test by sending bytes at random to the remote server for a short period of time. The test then compiles the data from the closest servers to your location.

The metre then measures the download speed after the upload speed test. When the upload and download processes are finished, a report is generated. The report includes information about the BSNL broadband speed test server, the download and upload speeds, ping, and jitter. Another crucial element that significantly affects each website’s speed is ping again. Every request that is delivered or received over your connection experiences a delay of a few milliseconds when the ping is slow.

It’s simple to use the BSNL speed test tool. Although there are many websites that offer these speed tests, ISPs often carry them out. On the other side, ISP speed test results are occasionally unreliable since they can be manipulated. The only option left is to employ a speed test service provided by a third party that does not favour ISPs. Thus, the BSNL speed test tool is a trustworthy tool that offers speed test results that are real and unaltered.

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Here’s how you can conduct the test:

  • Open the web browser on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device.
  • In the search bar, enter
  • There would be even another little pop-up window.
  • Enter your modem or router login information.
  • Type your modem user name and password in the Admin space (the password is password if you haven’t changed it).
  • You have now successfully logged into your BSNL ADSL broadband modem after providing these details.
  • All of the information regarding the BSNL net speed would be mentioned under the Overview option.
  • The System Information option would display information about the router, such as the Firmware Version and Modem name.
  • Check the Internet Connection Label by scrolling down; it will show information like the downstream and upstream data rates and the DSL status.

How to improve BSNL internet?

Pay close attention to the methods listed below to increase your BSNL internet speed:

  • Take a BSNL speed test.
  • If you find your actual speed different from what is specified in your plan, investigate the issue by examining all aspects of the connection.
  • After examining the variables, if your actual speed is still slow, contact your ISP’s assistance to get the issue fixed. The Internet can potentially be impacted by severe weather and thick electrical wires.
  • High-frequency transmissions in the case of WIFI can have an impact on the internet. If everything appears to be in order but your Internet speed is still slow, check your LAN cable to see if it’s damaged or broken. If you’re using WiFi, verify the strength of your signals.

Upstream and downstream refer to the bandwidth’s assigned download and upload speeds, respectively. By just typing my internet speed test into your browser, you can easily check the speed of the internet.

Still slow? Try this!

What if the speed test conducted by BSNL shows that internet speed is slow? Not to worry. Here are the processes for complaining to the BSNL corporation concerning internet speed. Contact the technical team to move the BSNL broadband port attached to your phone number as soon as possible to file a complaint about your sluggish internet speed. The technical team could learn more about your broadband plan thanks to this.

For problems with internet speed, customers can also file complaints through the BSNL complaint booking website. The company’s executives will then call the customers to discuss their upstream and downstream values. When an allegation regarding speed is made, BSNL officials will determine if the BSNL broadband port binding was completed correctly or not.

So that you may enjoy the broadband speed in accordance with your plans. It is crucial that you keep a watch on the BSNL internet speed that is being delivered to you, BSNL broadband port binding, and route.

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