Many people have been turning up to vote this year – but what if you haven’t yet? To be able to do that, you need a voter ID card. And if you have applied for one, you must know how to check voter id card status. But, wait! What is a voter ID card? A voter ID card allows you to verify your identity and vote in the election. So, suppose you filled out a Voter Card application form.

In that case, it means that the Election Commission has received your application and will send you an email with details about your voter card registration status after they process it. This article will teach you how to check your voter ID card application status online. So keep reading !!

What Exactly Is A Voter Identification Card?

For persons above 18 who want to vote in elections, the Indian government issues a voter identification card, which serves as identification evidence sanctioned by the government. In India, obtaining a voter identity card is required to vote since it identifies evidence. It comprises a unique number, a picture of the cardholders, a holographic carrying the national symbol, the cardholder’s name and father’s name, gender, date of birth, and a holographic bearing the national emblem.

How To Check Voter ID Card Status?

Checking the current status of your voter identification application is a simple procedure that does not need much time or effort on your part. The National Voter Service Portal (NVSP), the leading web of the EC’s enrollment data wing, may be used to check a voter’s registration status. It is necessary to have the voter identification card’s unique identifier on hand. You can check your voter card application status in three easy ways.

  1. Online
  2. Call Service
  3. Sending An SMS

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Check Voter ID Card Status – For First-time Voters

If you are a first-time voter to Check a Voter ID Card or whether your name did not appear on the voter list at the regular polling place, you should first check to see if your name appears on the voting rolls. If your name appears, you will be able to follow the progress of your voter identification application. And if it is not present, you must first ask for a new voters identification card in India. However, one should not overlook that a Booth Level Officer (BLO) is designated for field verification after applying. Afterwards, the application is evaluated and approved or refused based on its merits.

Check Voter ID Card Application Status Via Online

Step 1: To check the status of your Voter ID application, visit the NVSP website. 

Click here to visit the site

Step 2: After going to the NVSP portal, Select the ‘Application status’ link.

Step 3: Now enter the reference ID and press “Track application status”. The screen will display the status of your application. If your application status is being processed, it can be traced back.

Check Voter ID Card Application Status Via Call

Voters can also use the call facility to track the status of their voter identification applications. Just dial the 1950 toll-free number and follow the instructions to find out the status of the application. The European Commission provides toll-free numbers.

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Check Voter ID Card Application Status Via Sending An Sms

Once you have successfully registered your voter card, the ECI will send an SMS signal to the registered number. The SMS message informs about the acceptance or rejection of the voter ID application. However, this option is only available in a few states.


So here, we examine how to check your Voter ID application status by various methods. I hope you enjoyed the article. Are you still having trouble checking the application status? Then let me know in the comment section below with your queries.


1- Is there any helpline number to check the status of your voter card?

To check their voter identification number status, customers can call the designated four-digit helpline number on their MTNL or BSNL telephone and inquire in English or Hindi. Another option is to call the country-specific helpline.

2- What data must be provided to determine the status of a Voter ID number online?

To obtain information on their voter identification number, customers must provide their name, father’s name, date of birth, gender, constituency and country of residence.

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