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Make Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTm UPI Payments Without Internet: Step-By-Step Guide


UPI payments made via Google Pay, PhonePe and similar such applications can be carried out in an offline mode as well. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you do it.

- Updated: 25th Sep 2021, 12:37 IST
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    Steps to Make UPI Payments without Internet

There have been times when you are in the middle of a particular online UPI transaction and it failed. This is primarily because of an unstable internet connection. However, the good thing is, you can also try to make UPI payments without even using the internet. There is no UPI app that you require to do this either. Yes, you heard that right! This can completely be done and that too fairly quickly, in just a few easy steps.

UPI Payments can be carried out via a number of different service providers like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, Amazon Pay, Airtel Payments App and so much more. However, all of these UPI payments require your internet connection to make a successful transaction. Now, there is a quick workaround this particular thing as you can make UPI payments even without the internet.

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To recall, back in November of 2012, the National Payments Corporation of India introduced the *99# service in India. This particular feature basically acts as an emergency backup plan in case a UPI app server fails. Another thing to note here is that this feature is widely used in feature phones as such devices do not support UPI applications. Here’s how you can make UPI payments without using the internet for any UPI app!

Steps to Make UPI Payments without Internet

BHIM UPI Payments App

Step 1: Firstly, head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for BHIM UPI. Download and install the app.

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Step 2: Then, open the app and register yourself on BHIM UPI app. Then, carry out the UPI login on the app. Ensure that you use the same phone number with which your bank account is linked.

UPI Payment Activation

Step 3: Further, head over to the dialer of your device and enter ‘*99#’ and tap on the call button. A list with seven different options will appear on your screen. These include Send Money, Receive Money, Check Balance, My Profile, Pending Requests, Transactions and UPI PIN.

Step 4: Then, tap on 1 which is the option number to send money. Now, you can use either your UPI ID, bank account number and IFSC code or phone number to make a transaction. Just tap on the desired method of transaction.

Step 4: Here, if you tap on the UPI option, you will be required to type in the recipient’s UPI ID. Similarly, if you choose the bank account option, you will be required to enter the recipient’s account number and IFSC code. Further, if you go for the phone number option, you will be required to type in the receiver’s phone number.

Step 5: Then, all you have to do is enter the amount of money you want to send over, similar to any digital UPI app.

Step 6: Finally, just enter your UPI PIN number. Then, tap on send and the transaction is complete. Moreover, you will also be asked to save the recipient in case of future transactions. Besides, it costs only Rs. 0.50 to make the payment.

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We hope this article helps you in understanding how to make UPI payments without even turning on the internet connection on your device.


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Highlights of the Story

  • UPI payments do not particularly require the internet to make payments.
  • This includes all the applications like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM and more.
  • Here’s how to still make UPI payments without internet!

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