There always come those moments when we believe that we have spent enough time with our current phone. And that, now the time is ripe to sell it and buy another new and better device. However, it’s easier said than done. One of the most important factors to decide which phone to buy, for many, is the resale value one gets after selling their phone.

Most of the recent flagship or a high-end phone can easily fetch a high price once they are sold, but when you are stuck with an old phone, obtaining a good price for what it is worth is quite difficult. In such a scenario what should be done then for you to get the most cash out of your old phone? There are several factors that influence the cost at which it sells. Here are some of the things to consider while calculating the resale value of your phone.

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The very first thing that people notice is the age of the phone. No one would like to buy an old outdated smartphone. And the same logic goes for selling one too.
Generally, it is safe to estimate that a mobile’s value gets halved within its first year. So if you bought a phone for 30K today, you probably won’t be able to sell it for more than 15K next year. But obviously this, of course, may not be true for all handsets and brands, especially the iPhone.


Mobile damage is actually compartmentalized into many minor or major types, either aesthetic or functional. Also, it’s true that many recommerce companies would sometimes buy phones which don’t even turn on.
But it is quite obvious that they don’t sell for a lot. Minor damages, however, on the body such as small scratches on the screen or on the surface of the phone, and discolouration or wearing of the paint, or also minor dents actually don’t matter that much. However, if you have anything major, just don’t expect a very high resale value.

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Physical Factors

Physical factors also include any faulty component in the phone, for example a non-functional SD card slot, or perhaps faulty volume buttons. Overheating of the battery too is a problem. A phone which has a lower than average battery life will obviously sell for lesser than expected rates. There are many such factors which contribute to the resale value of the phone. These physical attributes mark a significant weightage on the price of a phone. Any defect can single-handedly push down a phone’s resale price by many notches.

Alternately, you could let Cashify do all this for you. Cashify ensures that the resale value of your device is calculated in a transparent fashion. You need to fill in certain parameters about the phone’s condition and you’ll receive an instant quote. You can even change parameters to see how they affect your device’s price.

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