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How to Connect Apple Watch to an Android Smartphone?


Connecting an Apple watch to an Android smartphone can turn out to be an impossible task. So, can you connect an Apple watch to Android or can you not? let’s dive into this question.

- Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 12:28 IST
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    Why can’t I connect my Apple watch to my android smartphone?
    • Apple Ecosystem:
    • No Apple Watch app:
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    Can I connect Apple watch to Macbook or iPad?
  • 3
    Can I connect Apple Watch to Android?
  • 4
    How will phone cloning work with Apple watch?
    • So, let’s talk about the benefit first.
    • Now, let’s talk about the drawback.
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“Hey man, how to connect an Apple watch to an Android Smartphone?” I asked, and the answer that I got from an Apple expert was, “Nope, you can’t”. To be honest, the correct answer to this question would be that it’s next to impossible, and I mean it. Connecting an Apple watch to an Android smartphone might not be your cup of tea, even if you have multiple options available for it. There is no hack, there is no trick, and there are no secret tips that will magically enable the Apple watch to establish a connection with your fancy android smartphone.

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Why can’t I connect my Apple watch to my android smartphone?

Apple Watch SE

See, there are multiple reasons you can’t connect your Apple watch to your android smartphone. I’ll try to break them apart. JK.

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Apple Ecosystem:

The Apple Ecosystem is like an overly cautious and highly powerful superhero. The software has impressive capabilities and can belittle some of the best processors and operating systems; however, it is extremely cautious and won’t allow anyone to interfere in its digital domain. And there is a valid reason for it; Privacy.

Since Apple controls its supply chain, from chip manufacturing to software development, its decentralised approach allows it to keep multiple devices under one roof. And it is because of that each device talks to each other, making a perfect user-friendly experience.

No Apple Watch app:

The second reason you can’t connect an Apple watch to an Android smartphone is that there is no app to connect to. Remember you bought that smartwatch of Xiaomi, Samsung & OnePlus, and to connect the watch to your android device, you required an app. In an optimum scenario, these apps work as the main point of control for these small devices and hence allow you to control all the smartwatch settings from the app itself.

Apple Watch has no such application made for Android smartphones. In addition, the Apple Watch doesn’t even have an app for its iOS as well. The setting to control the Apple watch for all its features is integrated into the default setting of the iPhone. This means if you do not have an iPhone, you won’t be able to connect to the Apple Watch.

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Can I connect Apple watch to Macbook or iPad?

NO! You can’t. You can’t even connect your Apple watch to your Macbook or iPad. The required setting to connect the device are not present in the iPad or Mac. Hence, an iPhone is a vital element in connecting an Apple watch.

Can I connect Apple Watch to Android?


See; theoretically, you can. However, you will still require an iPhone to connect your Apple Watch, at least for the beginning. All you have to do is make a clone of your iPhone; this will allow all your services to be controlled via an android device. Now to begin this process, you might want to check out these two articles that will explain to you in detail about Phone cloning.

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Once you have cloned all your data from an iPhone to an android device. All you need is Sign-in into each of the services, and you’re set. That’s it…

Yes! It is that simple.

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How will phone cloning work with Apple watch?

Phone Cloning

Phone cloning has its benefit and drawbacks.

So, let’s talk about the benefit first.

Once you have cloned your iPhone, all your data is into a new Android watch. You’ll start receiving notifications on both devices (iPhone and Android) since both of them are working on the same account. And because everything is being synced in real-time, you’ll be able to pick any device (iPhone or Android) and text to your friends on WhatsApp, Drop an iMessage only via Apple Watch, Play Apple music, Drop emails and share files.

  1. You can drop WhatsApp message from Apple watch & Android smartphone.
  2. Can dorp iMessage from Apple Watch but not from Android phone.
  3. Can control Apple music from anywhere.
  4. Can drop email from any app.
  5. Can share files via mails.
  6. Will be able to see all the fitness data from the Apple watch.
  7. Can connect the Apple watch to your android smartphone’s hotspot for continuous internet connection.

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Now, let’s talk about the drawback.

I’ll be pointing out the drawback in bullet points because, yes, they are many.

  1. Since, Apple doesn’t have any iCloud app for andorid you won’t be able to upload any files, that includes any photos, videos, messgages or any project file that you immediately want to share on your Mac.
  2. Since there is not Apple TV app android , you won’t be able to watch Apple Tv from your android device.
  3. The same goes for iMessage, and Factime.
  4. You also won’t be able to control your Apple watch from your Android device, simply becasue you don’t have the necessory settings.
  5. No Calling support in India.


So, this was a complete solution to connect an Apple watch to an Android smartphone. Although, I realise this method might not be enough for some users, and you might end up with several errors. The problem with the Apple watch is that it is meant for an iPhone only, so in the end, you require an iPhone. I assure you that this method will not damage your Apple Watch, Android smartphone, or iPhone. Try it only if you’re free on a Sunday morning and looking for adventure. Ta-da!

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