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How To Remove Duplicate Songs From YouTube Playlists!


YouTube is perhaps the biggest video and audio streaming service in the world right now, the Google-owned video streaming service hosts billions of hours of content from millions of creators. YouTube is inarguably the largest library of songs and has a mix of official, unofficial, and personal content. While the service outperforms all the competitors in terms of quality, app design, and overall experience, the YouTube music feature still feels a little half-baked with no proper playlist support and unable to identify duplicate items in the playlist.

- Updated: 28th Jun 2020, 22:04 IST

While YouTube has been the biggest aggregator of audio and video content on the internet with unarguably the largest library of songs including official and unofficial uploads, there are some features and aspects of the service that isn’t perfect yet.

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While the app does lead in terms of quantity of content, some apprehend that the quality is lost on many occasions. It has been several years since the YouTube Music platform was launched but some of the features and options still feel half-baked and imperfect.

Simple things like removing duplicates from the playlists is a cumbersome process now as the service has stopped alerting users about the duplicates being added while adding a new song to the playlist. If you are facing this issue, then luckily there is a workaround to identify and delete these duplicates easily from the YouTube Music Playlists. While these options do make it possible to delete the duplicates from a playlist on YouTube Music platform, it is something that we would have expected to see as a default feature on the platform.

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How to Remove Duplicate Songs from YouTube Music Playlist

This feature will require you to go to the desktop version of the YouTube service and you can visit the website on a PC or laptop to get started.

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  • Start by navigating to the YouTube playlist with the duplicate songs and sign in with your YouTube account. You can find the playlists from the right sidebar
  • Once you are in the correct playlist page, tap on the 3-dot menu and then on the Playlist settings, here look for the advanced settings option and select it
  • To the right-hand side, you will see the “Remove Duplicate” button and if your playlist has duplicates, this option will be enabled. You will have to keep pressing that button until the copies are removed, the web app will delete the duplicates and reload the page each time you click on it and eventually you will have all the duplicates removed from the playlist.
  • This will take a little time based on the number of duplicate entries in the playlist when the window appears, click on cancel, you can also set the sorting order of the playlist and within the playlist or change privacy option to allow or deny collaborations.


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Highlights of the Story

  • YouTube is the biggest aggregator of video and audio content on the internet with billions of hours’ worth of content uploaded by millions of content creators
  • YouTube holds the content of various types including official, un-official and personal videos uploaded to the platform every day
  • YouTube has a good interface and design but some of the features such as the playlist option is still half-baked and doesn’t work perfectly in many cases

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