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How To Save Your Smartphone From Water Damage During Holi?


Holi is here and we all want to be able to keep our smartphones safe from getting damaged during Holi. However, if you do end up in the situation – this article will help you save smartphone from water damage.

- Updated: 18th Mar 2024, 11:47 IST
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    How To Save Smartphone From Water Damage During Holi?
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    If Water Anyway This Is What You Can Do To Save Smartphone From Water Damage:
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    Take Professional Assistance!
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So you can give your opponents a tough time in the colour balloon fight! For that, you surely need some preparation to save smartphone from water damage in case there is an accident! During the Holi celebration, you are bound to get crazy with colour powders and get drenched in coloured water. But you can’t move around getting anxious about roaming around with your smartphone, which are not waterproof in most cases.

With that being said, don’t let the chances of mishaps take down your excitement for this fun-filled celebration. Take note of the useful tips and tricks to save your phone from water damage and celebrate Holi carefreely!

Save smartphone from water damage

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How To Save Smartphone From Water Damage During Holi?

Zip It Up: The easiest preventative measure to protect your phone is to put it inside a ziplock bag or something similar. But the downside is that you will need to take your phone out every time you want to use it. Touch screens do not work in such bags.

zip lock pouch for mobile phones

Invest In Waterproof Phone Case: A better option would be to buy an inexpensive pouch or phone cases, which should do the trick. They are similar to zip lock bags, but they let you use the touch screen without any problems. They also come with a strap to make it easier to carry them around.

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Balloon Hack: An even cheaper hack is to use a transparent, good-quality balloon and stretch and insert your phone into that. Since it’s Holi, you’ll have water balloons all around. Get your phone inside one of them and tie a knot below. You’ll be able to still use the phone. However, there’s a risk of the balloon tearing.

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Tape It Up: You can also try to add extra security by putting tape on all the open ends of the phone like sim tray, charging jack, and headphone jack. This step is easy to do, just make sure the holes in the phones have coverage.

If Water Anyway This Is What You Can Do To Save Smartphone From Water Damage:

rice drying technique
  1. Dry Your Phone Immediately: It’s important to dry your phone immediately. Remove the cover and battery if possible, and use a dry cloth to wipe off any water. However, you should NOT use a hairdryer at all when drying your smartphone. If you do, you will likely burn out the phone’s components. So do not use it.
  2. Rice Method: If it does end up getting wet, do not panic. Take your mobile and put it in a ziplock or plastic container filled with dry, uncooked rice to absorb all the liquid inside your phone overnight. It’s better to change the phone’s position at intervals until you go to sleep. This will help any water left inside your phone to run down.
  3. Leave the phone in the rice for at least 24 hours. This will give the rice enough time to absorb all the moisture from the phone.
  4. On the other hand, silica bags can also be used instead of rice because they are also good absorbers.
  5. After 24 hours, take the phone out of the rice or silica and try turning it on. If it doesn’t turn on, plug it into a charger and try turning it on again. If it still doesn’t turn on, you may need to take it to a repair shop.

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Take Professional Assistance!

It’s important to note that these steps may not work for all cases of water damage, and there may be more serious damage that requires professional repair. It’s always best to take your phone to a professional repair shop if you’re unsure about what to do.

However, if it still does not work out, do not worry – Cashify is there for your rescue! Whatever the damage is to your phone during Holi, visit any nearby Cashify store or check mobile repair online. They will sort out your phone problems as soon as possible and sometimes on the same day as well. The expert technicians take care of everything from display to battery and so much more. You can opt for an online repair service where the mobile will be picked up from your home according to the scheduled time you choose and delivered as well. What’s interesting is that you get a warranty on the repairs. So, there’s a win-win in any situation.


In short, as you enjoy the fun of Holi, it’s important to keep your smartphone safe from water. Follow the tips shared on how to save your smartphone from water damage, like using waterproof cases or the cool balloon hack. These simple tricks help you have a worry-free time during the colourful celebration. If, by chance, your phone gets wet, try the rice method to fix it. For bigger problems, rely on Cashify’s expert repair services—they’ll quickly sort out any water damage issues. So, have a blast during Holi, knowing your phone is protected and ready to capture all the colourful moments!

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  • Holo brings fear of colors and moisture (actually, buckets and buckets of water) threatening your phone.
  • As we all know, most smartphones are not completely waterproofed.
  • Here are some handy tips to help you save smartphone from water damage.

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