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    How To Prevent Automatic App Installs On Samsung Smartphones?


    Samsung has always been one of the top smartphone sellers in India. Their sturdy design, build-quality all contributed to creating this huge user base. But, no matter how advanced these smartphones are, Samsung users are facing certain privacy issues, and ‘Samsung galaxy store automatically installing apps’ is one of those. However, there are a few effective methods like disabling Galaxy Apps or turning off Auto Update that can fix this problem.

    By Tech Geek - 
    24th Mar 2021

    Highlights of the Story

    • Samsung smartphone users are repetitively complaining regarding automatic app installations and updates on their devices.
    • They are facing this unwanted app installation issue while connecting to the Wi-Fi; after a software update, even some users are complaining about Galaxy Store automatically updating apps anytime.
    • Some effective workarounds are there which can fix the issue. Here are a few.

    Being a sensible Android user, you won’t probably ever download apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. This holds true for almost all Samsung smartphone users like us. That’s why if the device installs unwanted apps without the user’s permission, it becomes mandatory to block such downloads. If you also want to know ‘how to prevent automatic app installs on Samsung phones, ‘ stay glued. Here we’ve provided the top 3 methods to fix this issue permanently. 

    However, a number of Samsung users have complained about automatic unwanted app installation right after a software update or connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

    In different community platforms, some users said Galaxy Store automatically installs and updates apps on Samsung phones any time, and it can’t even be dismissed from the notification bar until you’re doing it manually within the Galaxy Store. So, without further delay, learn how to stop auto download of apps in the Galaxy Store. 

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    Top 3 Methods to Prevent Automatic App Installs on Samsung Phones:

    We’ve curated all these methods after a good amount of research work and tested them one by one in order to list the final ones. Have a look. 

    Method 1: Change App Permissions on Your Samsung Phone

    Sometimes we don’t even remember to change the app permissions once our job is done; for instance, allowing an application to read messages but then not turning off the access once the requirement is fulfilled.

    However, you probably don’t remember all the permissions you’ve given to Galaxy Store, for which, in turn, you’re looking to know how to prevent automatic app install on Samsung phones. Follow these steps below to fix this issue.

    Step 1: Open ‘Settings‘ on your Samsung phone; then, scroll down and find ‘Apps

    app settings galaxy store samsung

    Step 2: In Apps, search for Galaxy Store and tap on it from the search results

    galaxy store samsung

    Step 3: Now, tap on Permissions and choose all the allowed ones one by one and select Deny for each

    revole unwanted permissions on samsung

    Step 4: Next, go back to the App info screen and toggle the bar on next to ‘Remove permissions if app isn’t used

    remove permissions in samsung

    Step 5: Then, tap on ‘Mobile Data’ and toggle the bar off next to ‘Allow background data usage

    disable mobile data permissions samsung

    Step 6: Next, tap on the ‘Appear on top‘ option and toggle the bar off next to ‘Allow permission’

    disable appear on top settings

    Step 7: After that, choose ‘Change system settings’ and toggle the bar off next to ‘Allow permission’

    disable change system settings

    Step 8: Finally, tap on ‘Install unknown apps’ and toggle the bar off next to ‘Allow from this source

    disable install unknown apps samsung

    Now exit and restart your Samsung phone. You shouldn’t be getting automatic unwanted app downloads on your Samsung now. 

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    Method 2: Make Changes in Galaxy Store Settings

    Here you need to turn off auto-updates from the Galaxy Store settings to ensure it never starts downloading new app-versions until you’re doing it manually. Also, deny the access to send you promotional ads, offers, or another content from Galaxy Store. This will help in preventing one-click or automatic app installations on your phone. Here is how to do that. 

    Step 1: Launch Galaxy Store app. 

    galaxy store samsung

    Step 2: Next, tap on the triple bar (Menu), and then click on Settings (gear icon) from the top right corner of the pop-up window

    disable auto apps install on samsung

    Step 3: When in Galaxy Store settings, choose ‘Auto update apps‘ and tap on ‘Never‘ from the pop-up window

    disable auto update apps in samsung

    Step 4: Now, toggle off the bar next to ‘Get news and special offers‘ on the existing screen and exit

    edit customised service settings in samsung

    Once done, you’ll never receive any auto-updates of the existing apps on your Samsung phone. Alongside, you won’t get personalized ads too from the manufacturer of your device. 

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    Method 3: Deselect the Apps in Galaxy Store Pop-ups

    Sometimes, Galaxy Store opens a pop-up window on your phone’s screen while asking to download all auto-selected apps. This is too annoying as you can’t even escape the screen until you DESELECT all the selected ones manually. 

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    However, since you’ve already denied the “Appear on top” permission in ‘Method 1,’ you shouldn’t receive any pop-ups like the below-given ones. Even if you do, just deselect one by one.

    Deselect apps in Galaxy Store

    That’s all! Now you know how to prevent automatic app installs on Samsung smartphones.

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    3 Months ago
    Question is what if galaxy store 'app' itself starts auto download. Apps has only opption of over wifi or on mobile data i.e. there is no option of 'never' in g store. How to disable that. Or how to disable or uninstal g store itself from mobile

    Dushasan Munz
    5 Months ago
    Hello Bhai please dimonds da do Mara ID 2526692613

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