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    Top 5 Best Smartphones For Kids For Studying And Attending Online Classes


    For several years now parents have been trying their best to make their kids reduce phone usage, however, since the COVID lockdown has started there has been a change in this scenario. Parents had initially resorted to Mobile apps for the education of their children who are now stuck at their homes away from school and schools started conducting their classes online. This created a huge surge in demand for smartphones and tablets. If you are looking for a  new smartphone for your kids then here are the best options.

    By Tech Geek - 
    24th Mar 2021
    Top 5 Best Smartphones For Kids For Studying

    Highlights of the Story

    • While buying a smartphone for children the factors taken into consideration are slightly different than in the case of adults
    • Children need a smartphone that is easy to use, serves the purpose, and doesn’t cost too much
    • It is also important to take parental control options into consideration while buying your kid a new smartphone.

    As a parent it might be tricky to know the exact needs of your kids to buy them a smartphone so that they can attend their online classes. While a phone can be very useful in several instances it can also open up a new world of responsibility, something that your kids need to be adequately prepared for.

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    It is very common for kids to have their own smartphones now, there are several reasons you may consider getting your kid a smartphone. For starters, it creates an easy way to contact them in case the need arises, it also offers them a way of staying entertained and prevents boredom.

    Before getting started it is important to note what kind of smartphone your kid needs, this is a completely different process than choosing a phone for yourself or any other adult. It is important to remember that kids are more likely to drop a phone and mishandle them, so it is not a good idea to spend a lot of money on a device that will likely not last long. Here are our top 5 picks on the best smartphones for children.

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    1. iPhone SE 2020

    The iPhone Se 2020 is one of the cheapest iPhones in the market and still offers very reliable performance. It is the same size as the Apple iPhone 8 that was released about 4 years ago and comes for a relatively affordable price compared to the other newer iPhones.

    The Apple iPhone is a safer phone to use as you need not worry about your kid’s phone getting infected or them being spied by accidental malware. The iPhone Se 2020 comes with top-notch performance and the latest iOS software.

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    Buying Apple iPhone SE 2

    The 4.7-inch display on the iPhone SE 2020 is very easy to use for kids and it also comes with the Find My iPhone app from Apple pre-installed so that you can track the phone easily. The iPhone SE also comes with a very capable camera and might be a good buy for older teens as it will also allow them to run their favourite entertainment apps.

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    2. Nokia 7.2

    Nokia smartphones have always been known for the reliability they offer, the device comes with a sleek finish and offers great hardware are a budget price. The Nokia 7.2 comes with a good camera setup including a 48MP primary camera and offers a decent display with HDR support. This allows the kids to enjoy the media content and also attend online classes anywhere.

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    Nokia 7.2 | Top Phone for Kids

    The Nokia 7.2 is a very well-built smartphone and a decent battery life and with light to moderate usage, the smartphone can last as much as two days which can be a big advantage. The device is made of a high-tech polymer composite that ensures the Nokia 7.2 is both, light in weight, and strong making it a perfect buy for kids who often drop their phones.

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    3. Samsung Galaxy F41

    The Samsung Galaxy F41 is a great buy for kids who need to attend online classes as it comes with a massive 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display. The huge screen makes the text more clear and readable, this is especially important to prevent strain on the eyes.

    The smartphone also comes with a massive 6,000mAh battery which will last as much as two full days of usage. The device also comes with a very capable 64MP main camera allowing them to capture their favorite moments.

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    Samsung Galaxy F41

    Samsung has been known for making reliable smartphones and the Galaxy F41 is no different. The device comes with a very capable display, a decent processor, and a good camera setup. The battery life on this smartphone is pretty much unmatched and offers the best possible battery backup.

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    4. Realme 6 Pro

    Realme 6 Pro

    The Realme 6 Pro is a very capable smartphone that has trickled down in price. The smartphone also comes with a massive 6.6-inch display with a FullHD resolution and comes with a high resolution 16MP front camera. This is an important choice if your kid needs to attend online classes with the video turned on.

    The device is powered by a very capable 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor and has a 64MP primary camera setup. These choices of specifications make the smartphone an amazing buy as it offers a good balance of features for the price.

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    5. Moto G10 Power

    Moto G10 Power

    The Moto G10 Power is one of the cheapest phones on the list and offers great value for money. While the Moto G10 power is relatively underpowered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460, it still offers the features that matter the most. The device comes with a stock Android experience that helps the device remain relatively lag-free.

    The smartphone also comes with a 48MP primary camera on the rear and an 8MP front camera. The smartphone offers a 6,000mAh battery which allows the device to be used for as much as two days of attending online classes for your kids. And to quickly charge your device the device comes bundled with a 20W fast charger in the box.

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