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How To Take a Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In 4 Different Ways!


Taking a screenshot on a smartphone is one of the most basic functions they offer, we often tend to forget how easy and convenient it is sometimes. Samsung offers multiple ways of taking screenshots on their flagship devices and come with multiple enhancements in a typical Samsung fashion. There are multiple ways of taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 officially and this guide shows some of them.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2020, 20:55 IST

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 then there are at least four different ways of taking a screenshot on the device, Samsung often comes with handy device enhancements that can make life easier and this is one such thing. Samsung comes with a host of features and functionality that is otherwise not found on other manufacturers. In this guide, we show you multiple different ways of capturing a simple screenshot on your Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

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Capture a screenshot using Hardware Buttons

This is perhaps the most straightforward ways of capturing a screenshot on a smartphone, this is commonly found on most modern Android smartphones right now. You will need to use your hardware buttons to capture a screenshot in this method since we do not have a physical home button on the device, we will need to use the power button and the volume keys to capture a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung has luckily chosen to provide this functionality with the standard set of hardware controls that is present on all Android smartphones for taking the screenshot.

Step by step instructions:

  • Navigate to the screen that you want to capture as a screenshot.
  • Press and hold the volume down button and the power buttons simultaneously.

Capture a screenshot using the Palm Gesture

Samsung has had the palm gesture option to capture a screenshot on the device for a while now, it has been seen on multiple devices including a few old ones, this feature has been retained even on the latest One UI software updates across devices. This is similar to the hardware buttons option but only much faster and simpler. To take a screenshot using your palm gesture you simply have to swipe your palm across the display.

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using Palm Gesture
  • Go to the Settings application and look for the advanced features option
  • In advanced features tab, look for the Palm Swipe to capture option and make sure it is toggled on
  • Then navigate to the screen that you want to capture for a screenshot
  • Extend your palm and swipe the whole screen with the side of your hand
  • This will capture a screenshot and save it in the screenshots folder of your gallery app

You will only need to go to the settings and turn on the Palm Swipe to capture feature once and it should work all the time without further interference. You will be able to proceed from the third step after that.

Capture a screenshot using the “Scroll Capture” option

Scroll Capture was once a unique feature on Samsung and a few other devices; however, it has now been replicated into most major smartphones. It allows users to grab an image of more than what the display is showing at the moment, it works out as a great option for capturing entire scrollable pages of apps in a single image. This can come very handy for web pages and other apps that have scrolling content.

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using Scroll Capture

  • Navigate to the screen or page that you wish to capture entirely
  • Use the hardware buttons or palm swipe feature that is mentioned above to initiate a screenshot
  • A preview and multiple options should now show up at the bottom of the screen
  • Now tap on the Scroll capture option for as much as you wish to capture
  • You can alternatively draw, crop or share the image from the previous menu
  • Once you have scrolled enough and captured what you were looking for then you can easily save the image

For this feature to work on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device, ensure that you have Smart capture enabled, this can be found by navigating to the Settings application and looking for Smart Capture toggle in the Advanced Features Tab.

Capturing a screenshot using Smart Select Option

Smart select is a unique feature that is mainly found on Samsung devices running either on TouchWiz or One UI software. Smart Select enables users to create screenshots in personalized shapes such as oval or square. It allows users to put GIF animation sequences together and pin screen actions allowing them to float above the UI.

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using Smart Capture

  • Navigate to the screen that you want to capture a screenshot of
  • Open the Edge panel by swiping in the designated region
  • Slide left or right to change the pages until you find the Smart Select option
  • You can now use your S Pen to choose Smart Select, then choose the mode of your preference
  • Then use your S Pen to conveniently draw on the display and select the are that you want to screenshot

There are special features in each feature here, you can extract the text from the screenshots taken or even draw over the screenshots before sharing. The Smart Select is a feature within the Edge Panel which might be deactivated for a few, you can enable it by going to the Settings app, then open the Display section and Select Edge Screen. Now look for Edge Panels and toggle it on, then select the Smart Select in the Edge panel to make sure it is enabled.

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