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How To Transfer Files From Android To iPad


Since so many users are stuck on transferring files from Android to iPad straightforwardly, here are some practical ways to transfer documents from transfer data from Android to iPad with no exertion.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2022, 16:43 IST
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    Apps To Transfer Files From Android To iPad
    • 1. SHAREit
    • 2. Feem
    • 3. Instashare
    • 4. Airdroid
    • 5. Zapya
    • 6. Xender:

iPad is one of the best portable tablets out there. You can enjoy photos, movies, videos at any place and get your work done on the go, the plus point is its battery life that keeps you ahead. However, if you still don’t own an iPad and are planning to buy one soon, so certainly you’ll have loads of files, photos, movies, and documents on your current Android smartphone or tablet. To be fair, you might have a tough time to transfer files from Android to iPad.

The problem is that you can’t transfer files from Android that include documents and data to the iPad straightforwardly, as your Android and iPad are running on different operating systems. Since so many users are stuck on this issue, we will discuss some effective ways to transfer documents from Android to iPad with no exertion.

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Apps To Transfer Files From Android To iPad

There are various cross-platform apps you can use to share documents among iOS and Android gadgets. Here are some apps to attempt:

1. SHAREit


An app that went viral on Android for sharing games and audio in the past few years, SHAREit also lets you share documents among Android and iOS devices when the two gadgets are on the same Wi-Fi network.

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To start the data transfer files from the Android process, open the app, select the things (apps, pictures, videos, music, documents, etc.) you wish to share, and search for the device you want to send a file to, which must have receive mode turned on in the app. This useful arrangement is also available for Mac and Windows and supports sharing over cross-platform devices.

Download Share It App: Android | iOS

2. Feem

How To Transfer Files From Android To iPad feem

Feem allows users to create a local Wi-Fi network for transferring files. Both the iPhone and Android gadgets must install and run the Feem app for it to work and create a user name. Then, to share the data, you should manually connect the other device’s user name, and you can start to share documents between both devices. The app also claims to be 50X faster than Bluetooth sharing. The app is being updated for quite some time now, and the app works flawlessly without any issues.

Download Feem App: Android | iOS

3. Instashare

How To Transfer Files From Android To iPad instashare

Available on all the major supported platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, Instashare is another app that allows users to share files by creating a private Wi-Fi network. It basically functions similar to Airdrop, so most iOS users are pretty familiar with the transfer method and know-how to operate them. While this process may seem a bit slow, it is pretty fast in real life.

Download Instashare App: Android | iOS

4. Airdroid

Transfer From Android

Airdroid is one of the best cross-platform apps to send/receive data. The app features a lot more features, such as screen mirroring, remote notifications, phone finder, and a lot more features. You can install the app on both devices to migrate the data, i.e. Android and the iPad. And then, you can send all the data, pictures, videos, audio files, documents to the other device using Airdroid.

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The app works because all the devices logged in using the same account are shown as different devices in the app. So, to send the data from one device to another, you simply have to select the data and share it with the other device from the device list. We personally use this method to transfer files from Android, and we highly recommend this method.

Download Airdroid: Android | iOS

5. Zapya

Transfer From Android

Another great application that allows users to transfer files from android to iPad and different platforms, Zapya, is equipped with other useful features that will enable users to transfer files with ease.

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Zapya allows users to duplicate an Android phone entirely on an iOS device. It also has features like Shake to Share, supports cross-platform sharing, and more. You can definitely check this app out.

Download Zapya App: Android | iOS

6. Xender:

Transfer Files From Android

This app is similar to Shareit, which is already mentioned on the list. However, Xender is an excellent file-sharing application. Using Xender, users will be able to share files from their Android to iOS, including Photos, videos, and many more types of data. One of the biggest advantages of this app is its free pricing which will attract multiple users to it.

Download Xender: Android | iOS


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Highlights of the Story

  • There are various cross-platform apps you can use to share documents among iOS and Android devices.
  • Third-party apps like ShareIt, Airdroid, and Xender are the most popular options to migrate data among devices.
  • Some cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox can also be used.

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