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How To Unban PUBG Mobile Account And Start Scoring Chicken Dinners Again?


Getting your PUBG mobile account banned can be a disaster, especially in this pandemic. But if you are going through that situation, we can help you with that. Tencent Games can ban your account for so many reasons. But which one did you apply in your situation? However, cheating is not the only reason they can ban our accounts. What is it that you did? We have included everything in this comprehensive guide. Also, check out this detailed guide on How to Unban PUBG Mobile and play PUBG Mobile again.

By Tech Geek - 
19th Jan 2021
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Highlights of the Story

  • If you have not experienced an account banned before, this can be a disheartening situation for you.
  • PUBG has saved many of us from boredom, but implementing any unethical actions can result in the banning of your PUBG account.
  • If unfortunately your account has been banned, here is a way to get it unbanned right now.

Since millions of users from all over the world play PUBG Mobile, the developers had recently made some strict decisions that can result in banning your PUBG account if you break the rules of the game. Cheaters totally spoil the experience of the game and having an unfair advantage over others is something that spoils the spirit of the game.

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For users who indult in some extreme actions such as implementing a gaming bot, or using illicit software can lead to your permanent or temporary account banning. None of us wants that. Now, if you have ruined the rules for once and for all, Tencent games must have banned your account in response.

If you were unfortunate and you got caught, or you never did anything illicit but still your account was banned. You can follow this guide and try to get your account unbanned with the below-mentioned steps.

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What is a PUBG Account Ban?

PUBG is definitely one of the most popular video game platforms. Everyone, at least for once thought about playing it. That means many people are already playing this one, including the cheaters. The cheats or hackers might use some tools or hacks to have an unfair advantage over others and these actions are continuously monitored by Tencent Mobiles (The developers of PUBG) using their Anti-Cheat technology to monitor all illicit activities.

The cheats might use an aim-bot which is a tool that helps in a perfect headshot aim or using a Wall Hack that can allow players to see beyond the wall. And there are many more tools that can help cheats score the chicken dinner easily, but these cheats can easily be caught by PUBG, or if any player from the opponent team reports the player for suspicious activity. The best advice we can give you is ‘don’t cheat again’. Cheating is easy, but it won’t last long.

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Please read the Tencent Games’ policy page where you will find many things stated against the act. PUBG generally bans the gamers that use illicit software and some more to cheat on a game. If you have done this one, that may go unnoticed. But if you are doing this for a while now, they can ban you right away. 

If it’s not your fault that you got banned, you can do something against that. But here are some of the most common reasons why PUBG bans certain players.

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Reasons Why Your PUBG Account May Get Banned

Due to various reasons, PUBG bans certain players. You can go to the Help Page of PUBG Mobile to find out the reasons. But to save you some time, we have written them here.

  • If you have used any cheating tool or illicit software, there is a good chance your account got banned for that. AIM bots and hacks can be caught easily.
  • If you have logged in to your game from an unauthorized third-party app, they ban your account in case that app makes some changes in the client file data.
  • If you have changed anything within the client data, for example, removing the grass or changing the grass model or color, this can lead to problems.
  • Using an unofficial game client to play PUBG.
  • If your account information is not true or you promote any sort of illegal information or website, this can get your account suspended.
  • Cheating multiple times on a team game
  • Using unauthorized payment channel for recharging UC
  • Teaming up with players outside of your team.

The developers are constantly trying to improve their platform to serve a better user experience. Hence, it’s quite normal to get banned if you violate their rules. They are just trying to keep their platform free from hackers and cheaters; that’s all. 

However, if they have already banned your account, there is no way to recover it. But you can always appeal to the PUBG authorities for unbanning your account. You can only do this when you believe you are clean. Meaning, you are not involved in any hacking or cheating or whatever.

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How to Unban Your PUBG Mobile Account?

Here is how to send an appeal to the customer support team of PUBG to recover your account.

  1. Open PUBG mobile, and if you are banned, the above-shown notification will appear immediately
  2. Here you will find two options, File Claim, and Terms of Use
  3. Click on Terms of Use to check the reasons for banning
  4. To unban, click on File Claim
  5. Then appeal with your reasons why the banning is not appropriate in your case.

The reviewers will review your option and will get back to you if needed. There is another way to get back your banned account by sending a simple email.

  1. Go to your Gmail and click on Compose mail
  2. Type in the in the sender address field
  3. Draft your email with a proper and appropriate subject line
  4. Then explain why you are not the right person to get banned
  5. Don’t forget to mention your character ID and account name in the body of email 
  6. Then recheck the email once again and hit the send button

Then the review team will check your application and get back to you if you are not guilty. But if you are already busted, then forget about your PUBG account. And it is better to create a new account and follow the guidelines properly this time.

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2 Days ago
Please unban my account please I AM not hack please unban my account my account was heacking for fb and he was hack use I am not hack use please unban my account please ID:7256936369 Name CR7-REMON

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