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    How To Win PUBG Mobile Library Gun Game – Tips And Tricks


    PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world right now. There is so much to understand and analyze before jumping right in. Here are our top tips and tricks to help you win every game!

    By Yeti - 
    2nd Nov 2020
    PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks

    Highlights of the Story

    • PUBG Mobile is a pretty complex Battle Royale
    • There are multiple attachments and guns in the game
    • Here are a few tips and tricks to win every game!

    The PUBG Mobile gun game came along with the Library map. Besides, this was the first-ever indoor map in PUBG Mobile. The Library has a symmetrical layout with three assault routes: left, right and center. It follows the same concept of two teams fighting it out in a 4×4 square-shaped map.

    The map provides players with a lot of room to strategically plan out their attacks. You can go all guns blazing from a one-of-a-kind position on platforms or doorways or even from behind bookshelves. This is a great way to win for beginners as they use weaker guns initially. However, as they progress through the game, it will get a lot better. The learning curve for this game is definitely steep as there is a lot going on. From getting your aim right to building up those reflexes, there is a lot on your plate to master.

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    The primary aim of the gun game mode is for any player to secure 18 kills and win the game. However, with every kill that you get, your firearm changes instantly. Now, this is what makes the mode extremely challenging. You might be nailing your shots with one gun and completely going off with another. However, it does help you in the long run as you slowly get used to using the different guns. Lastly, players get a pan as their final weapon to secure a kill. If the player gets the kill, its victory for the team!

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    PUBG Mobile Team Gun Game: Tips And Tricks

    1) Players can give support to one of the best players in their team. What this does is it allows for the skilled player to get cover and cover fire throughout the match. While the unit takes damage, the person in cover can pick up kills. This way, the team can hit that 18-point mark easily and quickly.

    2) Moreover, it is important to remain in cover and not rush straight in. Have patience and wait for the right opportunity to secure a kill. For instance, taking advantage of the secret passage or hiding behind bookshelves is a great move. Keep switching angles and this makes sure that your enemies are unable to catch you off-guard.

    3) Travel together with your squad. Wandering off alone might sound heroic but is actually a terrible mistake that beginners make. Especially when it comes to areas which are being defended by multiple opponents, like the platform. Teammates can not only watch your back and quickly cover your flanks, but also eliminate the angles that the enemy peeks from.

    4) PUBG Mobile players must have decent team synergy. They should support each other during fights rather than going for individual kills, which most people do. Ultimately, if you make terrible mistakes, the entire team suffers. Whereas, if you give them the much needed support, the team wins and so do you.

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    We hope that these tips and tricks help you master the game in a jiffy! Moreover, keep at it and you will definitely ace matches. Happy gaming!

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