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Galaxy Z Fold 3 Could Have Three Displays, Sliding Keyboard


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with a hole-punch design for the selfie camera.

- Updated: 30th Oct 2020, 18:20 IST

Galaxy Z Fold 3? Is it happening or not? If it does- it will be the next-gen foldable phone after the Fold 2 launch a month ago. There have been rumors already that the Fold3 will have a hole-punch design for the selfie camera. However, new leaks pointing towards it having a dual-hinge design and a sliding keyboard have come forward.

Sketches in the patent
Sketches in the patent

It looks like Samsung is working on multiple folding phones. Among them, one model is going to be the Galaxy Z Fold 3, if rumors are true. This is via some product sketches from a design patent in 2018. 

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The design patent according to LetsGoDigital, filed by Samsung Display during mid-2018 with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Additionally, it got discovered in July this year.

They show a Samsung GalaxyZ Fold2 like-design but with another panel that also folds, and a sliding keyboard. This patent holds eight product sketches and a brief description of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

It shows a device in its unfolded state with two hinges. Additionally, it also has a keyboard sticking out from one of the sides.

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Based on the product sketches, the publication collaborated with Sarang Sheth, who is the editor-in-chief at Yanko Design (an online magazine for international product design), to create 3D renders of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 3D design
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 3D design

According to this 3D-image, Galaxy Z Fold 3 has an additional hinge that allows another screen to unfold. This, in turn, will make it a long single display in its unfolded form. In this image, the third screen folds outwards, allowing for a usable display to always be at the top.

Additionally, from the sides of one of the folding screens, a sliding QWERTY keyboard can be seen with touch sensitive keys.

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These renders show a hole-punch design for the front camera and a triple rear camera setup.

However, the design seems quite unique, but these are renders based on a patent. The report also mentions that the rumored phone will have a light indicator in the hinge. Samsung received a patent for it this month.

As of now, Samsung has not shared any information on the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3. The images are not official, so the actual phone could look quite different when it is officially announced.

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