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    iPhone 12 To Launch With Apple Watch, AirPower Wireless Charging Pad On September 8


    New leaks on the launch event by Apple points towards a launch on September 7th.

    By Sushmita Choubey | 
    Updated: 1st Oct 2020 06:53 IST

    Highlights of the Story

    • The yearly launch by Apple might take place on September 7th.
    • It will also launch a new lineup of 5G iPad Pro and more.
    • Apple Glass, Airpower is rumored to be a part of this launch.

    After a number of delays in launch due to COVID-19, Apple seems ready for its launch event like every year. There was a leak made online saying the anticipated launch is on September 8.

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    Apple is launching its most awaited smartphones, including the iPhone 12, in the launch which is going to be online. Moreover, these smartphones are the first 5G supporting iPhone models. Along with the phones, the new Apple Watch, and a couple of other products are in line for this launch.

    This event is reportedly uncertain whether it is a physical event or an online event like many others this year.

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    According to the tipster, iHacktuPro, the giant tech company is also planning a second event on October 27th. This event will be releasing the new lineup of 5G iPad Pro and its MacBook models powered on an in-house processor. Apple Watch will be launching along with iPhone 12 on September 7th.

    They may also announce the AirPower a wireless charging pad canceled last year. Also, added in the list of launches is an iPad (not specified) but we can assume it as a refreshed version of iPad Air.

    Whereas for the rumored October 27th release, Apple may launch a new iPad Pro, presumably the rumored 5G iPad Pro. Even more, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro 13-inch will also be unveiled with Apple’s own in-house developed silicon.

    Last year at WWDC 2020, the company announced it would be transitioning its entire Mac lineup to its own in-house processors, instead of using Intel CPU like it has been doing for the past several years.

    Apple Glass will also be in the list of releases in the rumored October 27th event. Leaks about the mixed reality glasses have been on and off in the news. It looks like Apple has finally decided to show them off. A leak in May revealed some of the design and features of the Glass pricing it at $499.

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    There is no confirmed news from Apple as of yet. So until then, it is a waiting game.

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