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Are 5G Services Causing More Battery Drainage?

- Updated: 17th Nov 2022, 22:30 IST
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    Battery Drainage Via 5G Services
    • How Android Users Can Save Battery?
    • How iPhone Users Can Save Battery?

5G services were launched in India at the IMC 2022 event. The major telecom operators- Airtel and Jio have already rolled out their high-speed service in a few cities. They are even aiming to cover pan India by the end of next year. However, these new 5G services are causing battery drainage.

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Battery Drainage Via 5G Services

5G service Battery drainage
5G Service – Battery Drainage

But with this good news of 5G accessibility, a few users are complaining of high battery drainage. This is happening when connecting to next-generation technology.

Besides Reliance Jio, other telecom operators are offering non-standalone 5G services in India. As per the Live Hindustan report, the non-standalone 5G services provide high-speed 5G internet connectivity.

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But calls and messages are still through 4G or 3G networks only. So using two different types of devices that are connected to two different networks continuously could be the reason for high battery consumption.

How Android Users Can Save Battery?

Users of Android and iOS smartphones can save batteries by changing their network settings. Firstly, go to the device’s settings. Then to the mobile network. After that, you will see the option to choose which network you want to use. The users can select ‘4G’ here unless they want to use 5G.

How iPhone Users Can Save Battery?

The Apple iPhone models can save battery with the help of the ‘5G Auto’ feature. To do this you have to go to the settings option. Then you will see the mobile data options, which need to be selected.

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After that choose ‘Voice and Data Tab’. Then you will see an option termed ‘5G Auto’, Select it. Further, the 5G network will only be used when there is good signal strength. Plus when the battery will be efficiently used.