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Google Releases New ‘Disable 2G’ Feature for Android 12

- Updated: 14th Jan 2022, 23:01 IST
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    The New Update

Google has seemingly rolled out a new feature ‘Disable 2G’ that allows users on new generation Android smartphones to disable any 2G network connectivity. However, the feature is available in select Android devices, including the new generation Pixel phones and the latest Samsung smartphones as well, according to a report by privacy watchdog, Electronic Frontier Foundation. Read more to know!

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The New Update

Besides, the move is welcomed by the privacy community. The move has been a much-required one as vulnerabilities of the 2G network. They are exploited by scammers for impersonating network operators. Furthermore, they used to do this to potentially steal sensitive data. At the heart of this is the use of weak encryption standards of 2G. According to reports, hackers can intercept the communication between a 2G tower and a device very easily.

Google 2G Disable

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Furthermore, the lack of cell tower authentication in 2G networks means that cell site impersonators can mimic a network operator to gain access to a user’s network communications. Thereby intercepting messages and stealing potentially sensitive data. In return, users will likely get no service in areas where network blackouts occur.

Despite all the progress, India still has pockets where 4G connectivity is far from ubiquitous. The latter, which is the latest generation of connectivity available in India. Introduced new security standards that patched many of 2G gaping security gaffes. 2G’s flaws are regularly exploited for surveillance purposes. Google’s new feature will now help protect against the same.

Moreover, users can simply access their network settings on a new Android phone, and switch off the toggle in the ‘Allow 2G’ field. However, Apple has not spoken about or offered such a feature on its iOS software platform yet.

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