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How To Get Giant Gauntlet In Clash Of Clans (COC)? Complete Guide

- Updated: 15th Feb 2024, 17:22 IST
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    What Is The Giant Gauntlet In COC?
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    How To Unlock It?

The December 2023 update brought plenty of new changes to Clash of Clans, including the ability to change hero equipment. The Giant Gauntlet is one of the first hero pieces of equipment that you will unlock in COC for the Barbarian King. Here is how you can unlock the Giant Gauntlet in the game and get a chance to unlock it without the Blacksmith building.

What Is The Giant Gauntlet In COC?

What is The Giant Gauntlet in Clash of Clans (COC)?

The Giant Gauntlet in COC is the first epic hero equipment available for the Barbarian King. It makes the hero bigger by allowing him to deal with area damage and take less incoming damage from enemies.

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It lasts 12 seconds when activated and reduces incoming damage by 15 per cent. Furthermore, it also provides self-healing abilities and the ability to deal additional damage per second.

How To Unlock It?

How To Unlock The Giant Gauntlet in COC?

As a part of the ongoing Cookie Rumble event, which will last till January 3, 2024, players can get the Giant Gauntlet for 3,100 Cookie Medals from the trader in COC. Once you unlock it, you can upgrade it and other hero abilities via the new Blacksmith building.

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You can earn Cookie Medals by collecting enough Sweet Elixir from the Gingerbread Bakery or raiding enemy bases. Furthermore, you can also buy the Event Pass to get more Cookie Medals during the Cookie Rumble event in COC.

If you complete all the events in the pass, you can claim up to 8,100 Cookie Medals. Apart from getting the Giant Gauntlet, you can also get the Gingerbread King skin from the trader in Clash of Clans.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Supercell has introduced hero equipment in the December update of Clash of Clans.
  • The Giant Gauntlet is the first epic hero equipment for the Barbarian King.
  • You can unlock this hero equipment by exchanging Cookie Medals from the trader during the Cookie Rumble event.