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Instagram Remix Has Arrived: Now You Can Make TikTok Style Duets

- Updated: 8th Apr 2021, 19:24 IST

Instagram Reels have been a famous platform for creating short video contents. Reels is very similar to Tiktok. Now users can use the Instagram remix feature to create Tiktok style duets.

Instagram reels is mimicking various features of Tiktok since the launch of the platform. Recently it has updated a new feature that is ‘remix a real’. This allows the users to upload a video next to another user’s video, just like a duet. The platform is gaining popularity because of the unique algorithm that provides personalized content to the user.

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Remix a Reel feature

The users can now upload a video in the reference or respond to another video. Both the videos will have a split-screen kind of structure that will play both the videos at the same time. Instagram remix a reel feature also allows the user to add a voiceover to the remix.

The structure of the remix a real feature is just like the structure of a TikTok duet. The feature is mostly popular for dance challenges and response videos. Instagram allows the user to create an original reel alongside an existing reel.

Also, Instagram provides interactive tools like live rooms, polls, and questions in stories, and the AR effect through which the people can connect on Instagram. Not only this but Instagram provides many more innovative filters for creating videos and the sound library of the platform is always updated.

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How does it work?

First of all, the user needs to tap on the 3 dot menu that is in the down right corner of the screen on Instagram. On the menu, the user will have an option that is remix this reel. Select the option and the screen will split into two with the original reel being on the left side and the new one on the right.

The user can start recording an original reel in response to an existing reel. It will play side by side to give the user an idea of when to respond. After recording the new reel, the user can control the volume of the original audio or the recorded audio.