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Latest Truecaller iOS Version: All Features And More

- Updated: 31st Aug 2022, 18:36 IST
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    What the New Truecaller App iOS Version Offers
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    What Else?

Truecaller has announced the debut of a new iOS application. They are a Swedish caller identification and spam detection service. In a launch statement issued on August 30, the company said the new Truecaller app for iOS.

It was launched for all users worldwide earlier today. It primarily offers an interface upgrade. Meanwhile, this app is also designed from scratch. This ensures that the app is smaller in size and lighter on resource consumption.

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What the New Truecaller App iOS Version Offers


The latest generation iOS software, according to Truecaller, provides up to 10x better caller identification for companies. And also 10x better caller identification for spammers and fraudsters. The programme accomplishes this by live updating every smartphone every time a new call occurs. Moreover, it instantly updates the spam and scam database.

Truecaller uses iOS’ sophisticated background data processing tools to ensure that speed improvements are visible. The new software will provide a clearer picture of each number’s data and the immediate advantage of identifying spam. However, it is still unknown how such details will affect privacy.

In addition, the updated Truecaller app for iOS promises to make the sign-up process easier and quicker for all new customers. This is to lower the program’s total size and resource use. The business also claims that the software has been completely redesigned.

According to Truecaller, future iOS and Android app upgrades will include improved spam filtering and SMS message identification. This is to enhance the detection and blocking of spam communications. A new number look-up widget is also being developed. Primarily to expedite finding and searching for unknown numbers.

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What Else?

Last but not least, Truecaller is developing a new function for its iOS app. It’s supposed to enable the automated banning of the most often discovered spammers worldwide. To provide consumers with a better understanding of the context in which these numbers are classified as spam. This feature will also allow users to examine complete information on these spam numbers and comment on them.

The latest Truecaller for iPhone’s highlights include:

  • Ten times better caller ID and ten times stronger anti-spam and anti-scam measures.
  • Smoother and quicker user onboarding.
  • Improved detail view when looking up numbers.
  • A more straightforward way to compare features in the new Premium buying flow.

Search extension redesign (from Phone & gt; Recents & gt; Share Contact)

Upcoming updates:

  • Significant improvements to community-based services, spam detection, and SMS filtering. This includes a revamped number look-up widget that searches for unknown callers even quicker.
  • The iPhone app will also receive automatic filtering of the most prolific spammers. Also, access to in-depth data on spam-marked numbers. Moreover, it has options to examine and comment on spam-tagged numbers for further context.

Go to Truecaller on the iOS App Store to obtain the most recent version.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Consumers may now download a brand-new version of the Truecaller iPhone app.
  • The iOS app has been rewritten entirely to be lighter and more efficient.
  • It delivers ten times better spam, scam, and business call recognition than prior app versions.