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Is TrueCaller Premium Worth Your Money?


Truecaller has given its users three different versions. One is the free version, the Premium Version costs around Rs 530 a year, and the last one, which is the most questioning one, is the Rs 5000 annually, which is referred to as the Gold version. You should definitely go for the premium service of Truecaller to unearth its true potential in the best way.

By Akhil Taneja - 
22nd Aug 2020
TrueCaller Premium

Highlights of the Story

  • Truecaller offers different versions, such as premium and gold, at different prices.
  • Different versions offer different tools and features but are these features are worth the extra subscription costr.
  • Comparison between benefits and cost has been established in this article for deriving a conclusion

With more than 150 million downloads, Truecaller is one of the best smartphone applications to find out the caller’s identity. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. Along with determining the caller identity, it also helps with features like blocking a number, reporting a spam account, making payments, sending messages, or making calls. 

All you need to do for free registration is to enter and verify your mobile number. This application works on cellular data and will automatically inform you if the person making a call is a fraud or not and will reveal its original details looking up on various directories. 

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Premium/Gold Versions

Although the app is mostly free to use, Truecaller has a premium and gold membership option on different prices that gives its users many more tools and features along with the basic ones.

Millions of users are having a paid membership with Truecaller and paying on a monthly or annual basis. Let’s see what these benefits are that have attracted so many users to it.

Benefits of Premium Version

1. Incognito Mode

You probably are aware of the incognito mode on Google, but did you know you can avail that on Truecaller as well? 

The incognito mode allows the premium users to look into someone else’s profile anonymously. It means that if you get the premium version, you can quickly check someone’s details without alerting them.  It will be like you never visited their profile in the first place.

2. Who checked on You?

Another fun and essential feature available with the premium version of Truecaller is the who viewed my profile section. 

This feature allows you to know who visited and viewed your profile and your details available there. You can easily find out the person’s identity who searched for your profile and know if it is anything alerting or not. Truecaller also sends you notifications the minute someone checks your profile. Though, you do have the option to turn that off through the settings if you want.

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3. Wish a farewell to ads

Name one thing more annoying and disturbing than pop up ads? Ads can spoil someone’s mood completely, especially if they show up during a crucial task. Only if there was a way to get rid of these ads. Oh, wait! There is an actual way to say goodbye to these ads, and that is through the premium version. Truecaller’s premium version frees its users from the chain of ads. So, no more unwanted pop up with the premium version.

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4. Make More Contacts/Friends

Believe it or not, but you can actually make friends with Truecaller. It is possible with the more contact request feature of the premium version.

The premium version allows you to send up to 30 contact requests to different people. You can send requests to ask for their contact details such as phone number. Who knows, you might end up discovering your soul-mate through Truecaller. 

5. Make your profile more discoverable

Truecaller gives both the options to make your profile more discoverable or hide it from other users, with the premium version. You can make your profile 2 times more visible to different users on Truecaller and highlight it so that the other users send you requests to contact. Or you can do the vice versa; it is totally your choice. 

6. Premium Badge

Miss those days when you would get shiny badges for being a good student or class monitor? Needless to say, those badges looked pretty cool and beautiful.

And what if I tell you that you can get those again? Because you can with the premium version of Truecaller. Your premium badge will be displayed on your caller id whenever you make calls, or someone calls you or looks into your profile. It will help in providing you a more professional detail.

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7. Advanced blocking features

Blocking becomes more powerful with the premium version of Truecaller. It means that you get access to tools that automatically updates the list of top spammers and also extend the top spammers list for you to be alert and block them with one single move. 

Moreover, the Truecaller premium version also automatically blocks all the registered Indian telemarketers. So you don’t get any time-wasting and annoying calls from these telemarketers.

Benefits of Truecaller Gold Version:

By paying Rs 5000 a year for the gold version, you can avail all the functions included in the premium version along with the followings :

1. Gold Caller ID

Image Credits: gnradar

With the gold version, you get a very fancy and appealing caller ID covered in gold color. This gold caller ID will be displayed every time someone calls you or you call someone or if anyone looks into your Truecaller profile. It basically represents you as a Truecaller gold subscriber. 

2. High Priority

By opting for the gold version, you come under the high priority list of Truecaller. That means that your queries and complaints will be answered faster than anyone else. The Truecaller agents will treat you as a special customer, and you will receive individual guidance and support from them. 

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