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Player Gets into Battlefield 2042 Way Ahead of Release; Here’s what he Reveals

- Updated: 9th Nov 2021, 07:32 IST
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    Battlefield 2042 Screenshots

Electronic Arts and DICE are all set to release Battlefield 2042 on November 19, 2021. Previously, the game was supposed to release on October but later on, it was officially delayed to the said date. Now, ahead of launch, a player has had access into the game and has revealed a bunch of key details.

The game is almost two weeks away from getting officially released. We already get to an insight into the game, thanks to Reddit user, Aaronfrogger. He took to the platform to reveal screenshots of what he came across inside Battlefield 2042. We get to see the game’s weapon customisation feature, maps, portal and even gameplay in Multiplayer.

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Battlefield 2042 Screenshots

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Customisation

Aaronfrogger leaked a bunch of Battlefield 2042 screenshots. However, shortly after, he was kicked out from the game in an attempt to keep things under the covers. He was able to get into the game because of an error or a glitch with the player’s Xbox Series-X console.

The error caused the console to pre-load the game. However, this is not something that should normally happen and is therefore, a very rare and rather lucky occurrence.

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Battlefield 2042 Maps

We also get to see the different maps where players will be able to play on in the Multiplayer mode. The maps of Battlefield 2042 include Discarded, Hourglass, Breakaway, Manifest, Orbital, Renewal and Kaleidoscope.

Another interesting thing we get to see is that players can also control the Soldier AI level in the game’s Solo or Co-Op modes. This will definitely allow players to tackle bots easily when trying to explore a map or practice aim and strategy.

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Moreover, the weapon customisation in Battlefield 2042 is something which one would normally expect from a game like this. Players have control over the entire gun, which includes all its individual parts. This is something we see mostly in Call of Duty games.


Highlights of the Story

  • Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to release on November 19, 2021.
  • A player has now accessed the game ahead of official release, thanks to pre-load.
  • We get to see the game’s interface, maps, gameplay and more.