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PS5 Restock India Next Update on October 25: Here’s how to Confirm your Order!


Looks like PlayStation 5 is set for another restock in India very soon! Here’s how to get your hands on it.

- Updated: 22nd Oct 2021, 17:18 IST
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    PS5 Restock India: Where to Buy?
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    PS5 Restock India: Best Tips to Confirm your Order
    • Save all the Information Beforehand and be Logged in
    • Use a Smartphone Instead of Your Laptop/Desktop
    • Set up Twitter Alerts
    • PlayStation India Discord Server

PlayStation 5 is not just a console at this point. It is way more than that for a gamer. From being able to play all the PlayStation exclusive titles to enjoying the best possible console gaming experience, PS5 offers it all. Moreover, this may be your chance to get it as PS5 restock India is all set to be held on October 25, 2021 at 12 noon, which is just four days away!

Sony India’s online store called ShopAtSC updated its PlayStation 5 FAQs. In here, they revealed the pre-order date and time for the PlayStation 5 variants. Both the PlayStation 5 Standard and Digital Editions will be back in stock for you to get your hands on. For now, the consoles are ‘out of stock’ across all the platforms.

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A couple of days ago, ShopAtSC updated their PS5 Standard and Digital Edition pages with a banner. Now, this particular banner revealed the PS5 restock India pre-order time and date. However, later on, they deleted it because of some unknown issue. We do believe that the PlayStation 5 restock in India is still on, owing to the multiple reports. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming restock!

PS5 Restock India: Where to Buy?

There are multiple channels via which you can get your hands on the next-gen console. You can buy it from any of these platforms as the price of the PS5 will be the same on all of them. To recall, the PS5 price in India for the Standard Edition has been set at Rs. 49,990. On the other hand, the PS5 price in India for Digital Edition has been set at Rs. 39,990. Moving on to the channels to buy the console, these are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. Vijay Sales
  4. Croma
  5. Game Loot
  6. Games The Shop
  7. Prepaid Gamer Card

PS5 Restock India: Best Tips to Confirm your Order

PS5 Variants

PlayStation 5 sells out in seconds and it is important that you stay on guard. If not, you will most likely miss the opportunity of getting your hands on a PS5. In order to get your hands on the next-gen console this upcoming PS5 Restock India update, here are a couple of tips to help you confirm the order!

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Save all the Information Beforehand and be Logged in

Have all your credit card/debit card information, address and every essential detail filled out and saved beforehand. Filling these details at the very last moment will take up way too much time and your window to get the PS5 will ultimately close. Moreover, save the information on not just one site but all the websites right before the restock starts. Stay logged in on all these sites to make the pre-order as fast as you possibly can.

Use a Smartphone Instead of Your Laptop/Desktop

Smartphones are meant to make your experience of browsing the internet faster and in case of the PS5 restock India update, it is no different. It will definitely allow you to have a smoother checkout experience, especially if you are using the platform’s official application, like the Amazon or Flipkart app.

Set up Twitter Alerts

Follow @Videogamedeals and @Wario64 and turn on alerts for these two accounts. These two are the best out there when it comes to PlayStation 5 restock alerts. As soon as the restock is live, you will instantly receive an alert from either of these two accounts. This will keep you ahead of everyone else in the race.

PlayStation India Discord Server

Now, this particular Discord server is of paramount importance to be a member of, especially if you reside in India. The Discord server is run by a student named Satyaswaroop Mansinghka. This server goes by the name of PlayStation India and is like a community who help each other out in securing PS5 orders. Not just that, from any queries about games to accessories, people in this group are always there to help you out and make your way into console gaming smoother!

In addition, most of the members of the server have been able to secure the console on day one of PS5 restock India. That is definitely a massive accomplishment and goes on to show that this is indeed an amazing community. It is not just the PS5 that they are limited to, they will help you out with Xbox consoles as well.

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We certainly do hope that these tips help you in confirming your PS5 order as soon as the much awaited India restock is live!


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  • Sony PlayStation 5 is all set to arrive in India on another restock update this month.
  • The PS5 restock India update has been scheduled for October 25, 2021.
  • Here are the best tips to help you confirm your order right away!

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