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5 Reasons To Buy Nothing Phone (1) Right Now!


Want a new smartphone? Why not go for the Nothing Phone (1)? This article will provide you with some amazing reasons to buy Nothing Phone (1) today!

- Updated: 13th Jul 2022, 13:11 IST
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    New processor
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    Stunning display
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    Glyph Interface
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    Nothing OS
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    Summing up

Carl Pei, in an event in London, UK, held on July 12, revealed the price and specifications of the Nothing Phone (1). This event globally launched the phone, and if you’re in India, there’s good news for you. The phone will be available via online retailer Flipkart from July 21 onwards. Now that the phone has finally been launched, you’re probably waiting to see if the phone is worth the massive hype surrounding it. Fortunately, there are some excellent reasons to buy Nothing Phone (1) today. In this article, we’re going to look at a few reasons why the new smartphone from Nothing will be worth your investment.

Let’s check out the reasons, shall we?

New processor

The Nothing Phone (1) comes equipped with the new Snapdragon 778G+ SoC. While there are other phones in the market sporting more powerful processors, the new 778G+ bodes well for 5G. In a few years, 5G implementation will become more ubiquitous throughout the country. At the time, many older, more powerful processors will not be able to support 5G bandwidths. However, the new processor on the smartphone will ensure that your investment will be future-proof.

Moreover, the Snapdragon 778G+ has been optimised to work seamlessly with the operating system to ensure longer battery life. It also provides a good balance between battery health and performance. These optimisations should see the overall value of the smartphone rise when compared to its competitors.

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Stunning display

The Nothing Phone (1) sports a 6.55-inch OLED screen with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. This is similar to the display that’s been used in the iPhone 13. Thus, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll get an unforgettable experience with the phone’s display. The screen’s colour reproduction and colour accuracy will ensure that both your movies and games will look their very best. The screen also has HDR10+ certification, allowing you to watch your favourite Netflix series at HD resolutions without any hassle. You won’t get a better display than this in the price segment.

Glyph Interface

One of the most hyped features of the new smartphone from Nothing is the Glyph Interface. This series of 900 LEDs genuinely makes the phone stand apart from the competition in terms of design. You can personalise the Glyph Interface to glow according to your notifications and ringtones. Moreover, the bottom half of the Glyph Interface can also act as a charging indicator. Basically, the semi-transparent design of the phone has been used this way to maximise its potential.

If you’re someone who wants a unique phone, the Nothing Phone (1)’s design will fulfil all your requirements.

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Nothing OS

Nothing has used Android 12 and applied its own branded user interface, called the Nothing OS. According to Carl Pei, the Nothing OS is meant to beautifully integrate with the smartphone’s aesthetics. Not only does it bring a minimalist feel to the user experience, but it also allows for certain customisations. These customisations include but aren’t limited to icon packs and wallpapers. Additionally, it provides a stock Android experience that’s free from bloatware. Considering the overall user experience of the Nothing OS, you’re going to get a sleek and elegant user interface.


The Nothing brand aims to make the smartphone seamlessly integrate with all other Nothing products and products from leading tech companies. Thanks to the open ecosystem that comes with the phone, you’ll be able to connect and integrate the phone coherently. It also provides exclusive support to Tesla owners, where you can integrate your phone with the Tesla ecosystem without any issues. Add in a product like the Nothing Ear (1), and you’ve got an excellent user experience which isn’t just limited to the smartphone.

Android has been missing an integrated ecosystem, something that has been a mainstay with Apple products. Finally, with the Nothing brand, Android might have a more fleshed-out ecosystem that can compete with the California tech giants.

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Summing up

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to buy Nothing Phone (1). From the unique design to the stock Android experience, Nothing has tried its best to follow the motto of seamless integration. While this phone is very new to the market, it’ll provide some healthy competition to the saturated mid-range smartphone market. We’re pretty sure that the phone will live up to the hype, if not exceed user expectations immediately. What do you think, though? Is this a smartphone worth your money? Or will you wait for a while to see how the phone performs in the Indian smartphone market? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Nothing Phone (1) was finally launched on July 12, 2022.
  • The phone aims to create a seamless ecosystem that has evaded Android for the longest time.
  • Check out the reasons to buy Nothing Phone (1) right here!

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