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Remove China Apps And Mitron App Pulled Off From Google Play Store


These applications let you uninstall all those apps made by Chinese companies.

- Updated: 3rd Jun 2020, 22:06 IST

After merely two weeks of being listed on Google Play Store, two popular apps have been removed from the app aggregator for Android phones. Two apps namely ‘Mitron’ and ‘Remove China Apps’ bid goodbye to the Google Play Store after two weeks of being listed and scoring over 5 million downloads each. If you check now, the apps are no longer available on the Play Store although those who already have the app might not be affected unless Google deems it necessary to pull the plugs as well.

The developer of ‘Remove China  Apps’, OneTouchAppLabs of Jaipur, took to the Twitter stating how the app is no longer available on Google Play Store after it garnered 5 million downloads in just two weeks after it was listed helping people vent off the Chinese apps sentiments. The app essentially detects any apps made in China and removes it.

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When asked why both of these apps were removed, a report states how Google red-flagged the app ‘Mitron’ that violates its spam and minimum functionality policy. The app also violates Google’s repetitive content policy as it takes content from other apps and reuploads it without adding any original value to it, which as per Google leads to a violation.

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Proceeding further, the Jaipur-based ‘Remove China Apps’ which received a huge popularity due to the ongoing Indo-China border dispute, was removed from the Google Play Store after it violated its deceptive behavior policy. In simple words, apps aren’t allowed to urge or encourage users to remove any third-party apps. It also seems to violate Google’s policy in altering user’s settings without their knowledge. Thus, both the apps are no longer available on Google Play Store.

However, this isn’t the first time Google has removed an app for violating its policies.

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Highlights of the Story

  • ‘Remove China Apps’ was made public on the 17th
  • The application was criticised by Google for violating its store policies
  • Similarly, Mitron App, Indian alternative for TikTok, was also removed