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The Best iPhone Lock Screen Customisation Methods In iOS 16!


If you are not aware of the news that in iOS 16, you can fully personalise your lock screen, this article is for you. In iOS 16, you can get a unique look of your lock screen. Let’s learn how to do it.

- Updated: 9th Nov 2022, 18:38 IST
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    How to customise the iPhone lock screen?
    • Long press the iPhone Lock Screen
    • Select a lock screen style
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iOS 16 offers various ways to customise your lock screen with wallpapers, widgets, and backgrounds. Let’s learn how you can get the best iPhone lock screen with complete customisation. Fonts, dynamic images, colours, widgets, everything you can use to make your lock screen look unique and useful.

There are various great features available in iOS 16, and among all these, a customized lock screen is the talk of the town these days. In iOS 16, you have various options to personalize your lock screen, including using widgets to make it more useful. Before iOS 16, every iPhone had a similar lock screen along with dissimilar static wallpapers. However, with iOS 16, everyone can now make their lock screen look more personal.

In this guide, we will shed light on all of Apple’s recent changes in iOS 16 to offer a customised lock screen feature. Personalizing iPhone’s lock screen is quite simple, but there is a high chance that you might miss something important. So, read on to learn how to customise lock screen.

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How to customise the iPhone lock screen?

You can customise the lock screen using the following ways.

Long press the iPhone Lock Screen

To start customising the lock screen, you need to long press anywhere other than on your notifications. The lock screen will zoom out. Then, you will be able to see your lock screen type name at the top and a few controls at the bottom. Now, if you want to customise the lock screen, you can click on customise or tap the + button to add the new lock screen.

In iOS 16, you can have various lock screen setups. Even you can shift between them manually or automatically. You can edit your existing lock screen by clicking on the settings app, which is available under wallpaper.

If you want to delete your lock screen, you need to long press on your lock screen. By doing so, you will enter the lock screen selection mode. After that, you must swipe to the lock screen you desire to remove. Then, long press on it. Now, choose the delete wallpaper option from the screen’s bottom.

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Select a lock screen style

If you want to create a new customised lock screen, you need to first select wallpaper. Each style has various options. You can skip this step if you only want to change the time and widgets.

Here are a few options you will get while creating a new lock screen.



According to its name, when you click on the people category, it will provide you with people images you have clicked.  You can select any image from it to create a brand-new layered look with a depth effect. If you dislike this effect,  turn it off by clicking on the turn-off option.


Photos best iPhone lock screen

When you choose this category, you can select any image as the background for your lock screen from the photos library.

Photo Shuffle

Photo Shuffle

You can automatically change the background image in the daytime using this category. You can set the frequency hourly, on tap, daily, or on wake. Besides these, you can even make use of featured photos manually or automatically chosen by the photos app.

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Emojis2 best iPhone lock screen

With the help of the Emoji option, you can choose up to six emojis which will allow let you create a tiled background. You can even select a small, medium, or large grid, along with dissimilar emoji sizes and ring or spiral customisation options.


You can even select the background colour behind the emojis.



It lets you create a dynamic background. It will change as per current local weather.


Astronomy best iPhone lock screen

It will display a dynamic globe that will change according to your time and location. Various other options like Earth, Earth Detail, Moon Detail, Solar System, Moon, etc are there.




With Colour Lock Screen option, you can select a background colour and can enjoy an elusive gradient effect. That is also in six different styles.




If you want to use Apple-designed wallpapers for your lock screen, you can do it by selecting the collection option.

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Personalise the time display

Time Display

Once you have selected the wallpaper for lock screen, the next step you can do is time customisation incorporating the colour and font of the text that displays the time. You can click on customise and then on the box around the time. It will let you change the time display design.

Once you are done with the font, colour, and design for the time, click on “x” to complete customising lock screen.

Tint and Styles

Tint Style

You can change the tint of any photo background. To change the style, you can swipe right or left.

Tint Style Display 2 best iPhone lock screen

If you have people in the background image, you can pick black and white, natural, or even studio lighting with the help of the backdrop colour customisation option.

Select Your Widget


This customisation option sets iOS 16 apart from others. You can include widgets to lock screen above and below the time.

You can add the calendar, clock, stocks, weather, reminders, and fitness widgets above the time.


Below the time, you can add batteries, a calendar, a clock, news, fitness, weather, home, reminders, and stocks.

In the future, you will be able to integrate even third-party widgets.

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Notifications best iPhone lock screen

In iOS 16, you can even choose how your notifications will display. With the latest customised lock screen, notifications now display from the bottom of the display instead of the top.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode best iPhone lock screen

The great thing about iOS 16 is that you can create multiple lock screens on each screen. You can link to a different focus mode. To do this, long press on your unlocked screen -> select the lock screen -> click on focus -> select the specific focus mode to link it with the lock screen.

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This is all about the best iPhone lock screen customisation ways from our side. Do you have any questions regarding the iOS 16 lock screen, know any of the features that we missed out on, or want to give feedback on this article? You can do it in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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Highlights of the Story

  • In iOS 16, Apple has entirely overhauled the lock screen.
  • You can change fonts, colours, images, and widgets in iOS 16.
  • This article will explain how to get the best iPhone lock screen with complete customisation in a simple way.

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