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Top 10 Offline Shooting Games of All Time


Those were our top 10 picks for the best offline shooter games! Have any more favourites? Let us know in the comments!

- Updated: 29th Mar 2022, 06:30 IST
  • 1
    1. The Dishonoured Series
  • 2
    2. The Call of Duty Series
  • 3
    3. The DOOM Series
  • 4
    4. The Battlefield Series
  • 5
    5. The Far Cry Series
  • 6
    6. The Elder Scrolls Series
  • 7
    7. The Halo Series
  • 8
    8. SuperHot
  • 9
    9. The Wolfenstein series
  • 10
    10. Titanfall Series

Hate toxic multiplayer lobbies, and love hand-crafted story-driven single-player shooting experiences? You have stumbled upon the best offline shooting games of all time in this article by Cashify! This list features the entire series, most of which have been around for some time. So whether you are a low-spec gamer or top-end overclocker, you can definitely play these games.

Warning: This list contains games with scenes of glorified violence, blood, and animated combat not recommended for teens and under. 

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1. The Dishonoured Series

The Dishonoured Series

Set in fictional cities inspired by British and colonial-era Europe, these games look like moving paintings. Dishonoured 1 and Dishonoured 2 both pack one of the most intense stories and combat ever crafted in a game. However, the best-known aspect of this series is that the story is player-driven. 

For the best offline shooting games choose a path of bloodshed and slay everyone in your way with guns, swords, crossbows, grenades, and mines, and face the bloody consequences.


Choose a path of restraint and sneak around your enemies with sleep darts, cleverness, teleportation, and magic, and save the day like a knight in shining armour.

Dishonoured 1 runs well on 2010 era Laptops and PCs. Dishonoured 2 won’t run on anything with under 6GB ram and an i5 equivalent.

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2. The Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty Series

Delighting gamers since 2003, this first-person shooter set a genre benchmark with its realistic gameplay, graphics, and movie-like cinematics. Not realistic anymore, however, with the arrival of newer, more realistic combat simulators like Battlefield and ARMA. The Call of Duty series is full of single-player gems like Modern Warfare, World at War, Black Ops, and Ghosts. 

Undoubtedly, your PC, smartphone or Apple device would support at least one of the 10+ Call of Duty games.

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3. The DOOM Series

Doom series

With a focus on the single-player campaign, DOOM was one of the first offline first-person-shooter games to ever exist. DOOM is a first-person shooter and survival horror game. You, the Doom Slayer, shall proceed on a brutal explosion-filled campaign to vanquish demons from hell. 

Whatever your device configuration, you will be able to play old or new games from this series.

4. The Battlefield Series

Battlefield series

The original hyper-realistic first-person shooter from EA, the Battlefield games deliver a combat experience like none other. Battlefield is applauded for its realistic sound system and cutting-edge graphics. Criticised for the hyper-realistic recoil of its guns, it is a true mil-spec shooter.

Dive in, say “Oorah”, and start a story-driven offline game campaign. You can get to it right after purchasing the game on EA’s Origin platform.

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5. The Far Cry Series

Far cry series

An offline open-world classic from Ubisoft. Far Cry will have you roam jungles, climb hills, take cover, gather recon, and engage in tactically sound firefights. Far Cry 1 isn’t worth playing, but FC 2 will give you the greatest challenge in the series. FC 3, 4, and 5 carry the same lone ranger charm, tactical gameplay, and excellent graphics. 

Finally, the last three are better for those looking for an adventure rather than a chaotic hyper-real misadventure like FC 2.

6. The Elder Scrolls Series

best offline shooting games: The elder scrolls series

Considered by many the king of all offline open-world games, the Elder Scrolls. Skyrim and Oblivion are the only two instalments worth mentioning here. These two games refuse to die with an ever-growing modification community and a fantastic single-player offline experience. Upgrade your graphics, upgrade in-game items, add new quests and locations, the list is endless with built-in Mod support.

Kill bandits, save damsels, ride horses, shoot fire, shoot bows, shoot lightning, ice, and more! This is the second offline series on this list that features player-driven storylines. 

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7. The Halo Series

best offline shooting games: The Halo series

Millennial gamers would be proud to see this name here today. Halo was a game that set an example for all shooting games back in the day. Take the mantle of Master Chief, a space marine, and shoot intergalactic aliens with Human and Alien weapons. While Halo does feature multiplayer, however, you can experience the joy of this best offline shooting game in the fan favourite single player.

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8. SuperHot

best offline shooting games: SuperHot

That’s right; this game is SuperHot! Ever wished to play a game where you can dodge and slice bullets in slo-mo? This is it. In SuperHot, time moves when you do. Thus, making for some trippy gameplay coupled with its beautifully minimal, red and white graphics. 

Play this small-sized – one of the best offline shooting games!

9. The Wolfenstein series

best offline shooting games: The Wolfenstein Series

Who doesn’t love killing Nazis? The Nazis. After shooting to fame by having players shoot zombie Hitler, Wolfenstein has come a long way. Detailed graphics, interesting characters, and original plot make the Wolfenstein series is one of the best offline Nazi shooting experiences. This is among the best offline shooting games.

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10. Titanfall Series

best offline shooting games: Titanfall Series

Big Mechs and bigger maps are what you will find in Titanfall. Often touted for explosive multiplayer gameplay, both Titanfall 1 & 2 feature a fantastic offline campaign.

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Those were our picks for the best offline shooting games of all time! Beg to differ? Raise your opinion in the comment section below!

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