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    Test Your Typing Skills With These Top 10 Typing Speed Test Websites


    If you want to work in a field that requires a lot of typing, knowing your Words Per Minute and Typing Speed is essential knowledge to have. To come back to all of these fantastic options, save this handy list as a favourite.

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    Updated: 10th May 2022 10:55 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
    • 2
      2. for online typing speed test
    • 3
      3. Monkeytype 
    • 4
      4. for online typing speed test
    • 5
      5. 10 Fast Fingers
    • 6
      6. LiveChat for
    • 7
      7. NitroType
    • 8
    • 9
      9. TypeRacer for online typing speed test
    • 10
      10. Typrx

    Highlights of the Story

    • Are you looking to test your typing speed?
    • You can test your typing speed quickly on these free platforms.
    • Check out our Top 10 Picks for online typing speed test websites.


    Are you a budding writer? Perhaps you just started working or learning and taking online typing speed tests. Having a good word per minute (WPM) rate will net you any jobs requiring you to type a lot or enter data. This top 10 listicle by Cashify is full of links and info about the best online typing speed test websites!

    A fast typing speed is helpful in almost all areas of modern, tech-fuelled life. You’ll need to type fast to text your crush faster, engage in in-game chat quickly, finish your projects rapidly, and complete your thesis or homework on time. 

    All companies need their employees to be efficient. To give the most output, they should be able to type fast and correctly. This ensures that not much time is wasted in making notes or typing out ideas. Also, the employees have enough time to develop new solutions and ideas to help the company. It is a tremendous advantage for your resume if you have an excellent typing speed. It is especially valued in jobs like that of secretary, stenographer etc. 

    Without further delay, scroll ahead to check out the Top 10 online typing speed test Websites!

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    1. UI

    Famous as a classic online test of typing speed on the internet, features tests as long as a minute to ten minutes. In addition, they offer both typing speed benchmarking as well as training. However, they have launched their gamified versions of the typing test in modern times. This helps build the test taker’s interest in the application and encourages people to check their speed.

    2. for online typing speed test UI

    This is one of the most detailed and professional typing tests available. To use, you’ll need to sign up first. However, don’t worry, as signing up is free. There is also a premium version available, but you will probably not need that unless you’re in the business of fast typing or related to it.

    3. Monkeytype 

    Monkeytype UI

    Monkey see monkey do. Monkeytype is something different. Instead of seeing text and typing it in a separate field, users view the words and type over in the same space. 

    With an open-source focus on ease of access, this test supports over 40 languages and has an easy User Interface. This online test typing is an excellent choice for beginners.

    4. for online typing speed test UI

    With a simple interface, quick load times, and detailed statistics, is a favourite online typing test of many. This site also has a leaderboards feature, where users may compete on their speed. You need to sign up to compete internationally!

    5. 10 Fast Fingers

    10 Fast Fingers UI

    This is a one-minute online typing test where the user is given random words to type out. 10 Fast Fingers is as straightforward as the typing tests come! Featuring support for over 50 languages.

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    6. LiveChat for

    LiveChat UI

    The handy LiveChat is a quiz format online test of typing speed. It is highly minimalistic and features minimum distractions as you complete the guided test. In the end, you’ll receive your WPM report!

    7. NitroType

    Nitro Type UI

    NitroType is a typing speed multiplayer game that pits you against other users to compete in a live typing speed match! With flashy graphics, car animations, and entertaining sounds, this online typing speed test will have you return again.

    8. UI

    This absurdly simple online typing test website presents you with random shuffled word groups and a typing bar below. For example, just open and start typing, and you’ll see your WPM at the top right of the word box.

    9. TypeRacer for online typing speed test

    TypeRacer UI

    Another online typing speed test disguised as an online multiplayer game, TypeRacer, is an entertaining way to test yourself. This when you open the site test allows you to save your scores by signing up with car animations or any alternative fiction universe.

    10. Typrx

    Typrx UI

    One of the oldest gamified online typing speed test, Typrx is all about competition. You’ll When you open the site, you’ll be greeted with a leaderboard and buttons to join a race. You’ll need to sign up to make full use of this fun platform.

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    Those were our top ten picks for the best websites to test your typing speed online! Have you given any of them a shot yet? Post your word per minute typing speed in the comments section below, and the fast typing games will begin! Those were our top ten picks for the best websites to test your typing speed online! Have you given any of them a shot yet? Post your word per minute typing speed in the comments section below, and the fast typing games will begin!

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