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Top 5 WeTransfer Alternatives To Send Files For Free


With the rise of cloud computing, affordable and free storage platforms alike have amped up their offers and services in recent years. While WeTransfer is one such service, many may need a larger size limit. This nifty article by Cashify brings you all you need to know.

- Updated: 11th Nov 2021, 05:24 IST
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     1. Google Drive
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    2. 4Shared
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    3. OneDrive
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    4. Dropbox
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    5. Send Anywhere

WeTransfer is a popular online cloud storage and file transfer service that transfers files up to 2GB in size across devices for free. This free version size cap is acceptable for many, but many others need to send larger files. That’s why this handy listicle by Cashify compiles five top-rated WeTransfer alternatives on the web!

These file transfer services also feature cloud storage and work for both business and home use. While not entirely free, the WeTransfer alternatives on this list have a higher file size cap than WeTransfer in their free use license.

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Let’s begin!

 1. Google Drive

One of the most widely used Cloud Storage and file-sharing services, Google Drive is super seamless and user friendly. It allows you to store and share up to 15 GBs worth of data for free. 

All you need is a Google account or Gmail, which you probably already have. Sign in to and begin sharing! This is our top recommendation for WeTransfer alternatives! That’s due to ease of use, many free features, and document integration.

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2. 4Shared

A file-sharing giant applauded for its massive 100 GB premium storage, the free version of 4Shared gets you 15 GB. To use this WeTransfer Alternative, you’ll need to Sign Up with your Email or Social Media accounts.

3. OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an endpoint solution to most if not all Cloud Storage requirements. Share files, keep backups, access from different platforms, and more in a day’s work with this WeTransfer alternative.

As with most platforms on this list, you don’t need to install the Desktop App and may access OneDrive’s free 15 GB storage from any browser.

4. Dropbox

This cloud storage service is one of the oldest on this list, gaining popularity with early migration to the Android platform. Since the era of Android 2.1, Dropbox has proven to be very reliable and easy to use. 

This WeTransfer alternative features 3 Gigs of storage and file sharing in its free version.

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5. Send Anywhere

Applauded for its super-fast download and transfer speeds, Send Anywhere is another reliable WeTransfer alternative that’s very simple. 

You can’t store files on this platform per se, but you can send files up to 10 GB in size in the free version. In addition, this platform is highly secure and works with a six key digit code to unlock downloads.

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Those were our top 5 picks for WeTransfer Alternatives that are free! Swear by any others? Let us know in the comments!

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