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Top 5 iPhones With Maximum Buyback Value for iPhone 16


Sell your old iPhone on Cashify.Read to know the top 5 iPhone with maximum buyback value to buy the most anticipated iPhone 16 in September 2024.  This makes upgrading to a new iPhone more affordable by selling your old device through Cashify.

- Updated: 28th Jun 2024, 18:11 IST
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    List of Top 5 iPhones with Maximum Buyback Value to Buy iPhone 16
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    How to Sell Your Old iPhone on Cashify for Maximum Resale Value
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    Why sell your old iPhone now?
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    Looking for more ways to increase value for money?

Are you eagerly waiting for iPhone 16? When the iPhone 16 comes out, will you trade in your current iPhone or sell it independently? What do you think your iPhone’s buyback value will be for the base model iPhone 16? Where should you sell your current iPhone to get the best resale value? In this article, I will discuss the top 5 iPhones with maximum buyback value to buy the iPhone 16 when it is launched.

List of Top 5 iPhones with Maximum Buyback Value to Buy iPhone 16

Apple iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro Max : You can sell your old iPhone 15 Pro Max for Apple for a maximum amount of ₹98,110 on Cashify. Thus, you get to save a lakh when you buy the latest iPhone 16 when it is launched. 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max – Want to upgrade to the new iPhone 16? You can sell your Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (6 GB/128 GB) on Cashify for up to ₹80,150! Ready to save some money and get the latest tech? Sell now. 

iPhone 15 :  Are you eying the new iPhone 16? Sell your old iPhone 15 to Cashify and get up to ₹50,400 back! That’s like free money towards your new phone. 

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro – Although, iPhone 12 is 4 years old, you can still sell it off and get ₹41,990 at Cashify. Now is the perfect time to sell it and get a great price towards a newer iphone. Check out now how to sell iPhone 12 Pro on Cashify

Apple iPhone 13 Buyback

Apple iPhone 13  – If you’ve held onto your iPhone 13 for its brighter display, longer battery life, and powerful cameras you’ll be thrilled with the iPhone 16’s improvements. Sell your iPhone 13 on Cashify for up to ₹38,520 and reduce the cost of your new iPhone by nearly 40k. It’s a smart way to upgrade to the latest technology while saving money. Ready to sell your old iPhone and upgrade?

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How to Sell Your Old iPhone on Cashify for Maximum Resale Value

  1. Visit Cashify’s Website: Go to Cashify’s Sell gadgets page and select Apple Brand from the list of brands shown. Then, select your iPhone model to find out your device’s value. The website will ask about your phone’s brand, model, and condition to determine its resale value.
  2. Get an Estimate: After providing the details, you’ll receive an estimated iphone’s buyback value. 
iPhones With Maximum Buyback Value
  1. Hassle-Free Process: Once, you check the buyback price quoted which I am sure will bring a smile on your face because its the maximum which you will get anywhere else. Your old phone will be collected from your doorstep, ensuring a smooth transition.
  2. Factors Affecting Value: Your old iphone’s buyback value depends on the condition, year, and configuration of your device. Better condition means higher value.

Selling through Cashify offers a convenient and valuable way to upgrade to your new iPhone.

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Why sell your old iPhone now?

Apple’s iPhones are known for keeping their value over time, making them a great choice for those who hold onto their devices for years. With selling their old iphone on Cashify, users can use their iPhone for 3-4 years and trade it in for a good amount when upgrading.

For instance, you can sell your iPhone 13 on Cashify for up to ₹38,520, reducing the cost of a new iPhone 16 by nearly 40k. Cashify also accepts Samsung and Google phones, offering up to ₹24,210 for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE and ₹24,210 for Pixel 7. Check the value of your phone here.

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So, are you thinking of upgrading? Check your old phone’s value on Cashify and make the switch easily.

Looking for more ways to increase value for money?

With buyback values like these, Cashify makes it easier and more affordable than ever to stay updated with the latest iPhone innovations. Say goodbye to your old device and hello to a brand-new iPhone with Cashify. Get great value for your old phone and save on your new purchase.

Sell old mobile phone and use the cash to upgrade to a better one. You can get your old phone picked up right from your doorstep and get best price for it. Avail some of the best deals Cashify has. Sell old phone and buy refurbished mobile phone right away!


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Highlights of the Story

  • Read to know how to sell your old iPhone on Cashify and EARN a good discount on new models.
  • Customers can receive up to Rs ₹98,000 off for an iPhone 15 Pro Max, or Rs ₹41,990 for an iPhone 12.
  • The process involves checking the device’s resale value on Cashify’s website, using the value to reduce the cost of a new iPhone.