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What are Podcasts? How to Listen to Them? Cashify Explains


A Podcast is a great way to listen to experts talk about the topics you care about and it’s relatively easy to find great podcasts.

- Updated: 19th May 2020, 08:23 IST
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    What is a Podcast?
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    How To Listen To Podcasts on iOS and Android:
    • Pocket Casts
    • Spotify:
    • Laughable:
    • Luminary:
    • Himalaya:

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program or an episodic series of digital audio documents that a consumer can download in an effort to listen. A podcast can be a single episode or a series of episodes focussed on a particular theme or topic. Usually, a podcast series features one or more routine hosts engaged in discussing a particular subject matter or cutting-edge event. Podcast productions can come in different formats like from cautiously scripted to completely improvised discussions, mixed with problematic and artistic sound production. The currently available series in podcasts offer an associated link or direct notes, biographies, resources and dedicated communities for discussing the show’s content.

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A Podcast is a great way to listen to experts talk about the topics you care about and it’s relatively easy to find great podcasts. You just need to subscribe to a particular podcast and enjoy whenever a new episode arrives for that. And to make things easy, if you are a fan of Podcasts and are in the market looking for a new podcast app, so here are some of the handpicked podcast apps that you can download from either Android or iOS app store.

How To Listen To Podcasts on iOS and Android:

Pocket Casts:

Best podcast apps for android and ios pocket casts

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular Podcast apps which is loved by all podcast listeners and the app is completely free to use with an option to opt-in for a premium plan. The app has a clean appearance and offers great features, offering a main “Podcast” tab which lists all your subscriptions. The app allows cross-device syncing and discovery based on categories or your listening habits. The Pocket Casts app also features employer tools for streaming and downloading episodes and cleaning up episodes that you’ve listened to. Important tools also include options to configure servers, cover time skips, add sleep timers and more. A Pocket Casts Plus subscription also adds the computer and web apps, additional 10GB cloud storage, as well as themes and custom icons.

Download Pocket Casts for Android

Download Pocket Casts for iOS


Best podcast apps for android and ios spotify

While Spotify might not be the first name of the application that comes to someone’s mind when somebody mentions podcasts of any app that can let them play podcasts, but the streaming media juggernaut also consists of support for audio and video podcasts, along with a nifty Spoken Word section in the app. Spotify organizes podcasts in a variety of categories, such as Storytellers, Sports & Recreation, Technology and Comedy, and also allows users to subscribe to individual podcasts, control downloads, and share podcasts over social media. Playback and management options are sparse in comparison to different apps, but the only issue here is that the Spotify app does not have too many good podcasts available but there’s no doubt that this number is going to skyrocket soon as the platform becomes more popular for podcasts. But if you already use Spotify for music streaming and don’t want to get another dedicated app for listening to a podcast then Spotify is a great option.

Download Spotify for iOS

Download Spotify for Android


Best podcast apps for android and ios laughable

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In this busy daily life, Laugh is missing from or lives, and that’s what Laughable promises to bring back, with its comedy-centered podcast app. The app has evolved a lot since inception and is now no longer just for comedy podcasts. Laughable’s database now consists of athletes, actors, and different public figures, as well. Users can also subscribe to other podcasts inside the application, while also experiencing playback capabilities like offline listening, adjusting playback speed and even a nap timer.

Download Laughable for Android

Download Laughable for iOS


Best podcast apps for android and ios luminary

Luminary is a new podcast application that desires to set itself up as the boss of podcasting applications, with all the buffet of podcasts that one would desire to listen to, as well as a library of one of a kind, shows that are only available there. Also, as an additional benefit, Subscribers get entry to Luminary’s unique titles which are ad-free, while users with unfastened tiers can turn to the application to listen down to various loose podcasts. Luminary learns from users listening habits to give personal recommendations, offers playback controls and an exclusive offline mode as well.

Download Luminary for Android

Download Luminary for iOS


Best podcast apps for android and ios himalaya

Himalaya is a new application that covers both the ends of the spectrum, being from a free podcast participant application for users as well as a platform for creators and entertainers to publish and monetize their podcasts. The app currently has more than 500,000 podcasters and 270,000 podcasts, with more than 23 million podcast episodes. Also, existing podcast listeners can import their subscriptions from other podcast applications like Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio and more. Users can also search for new podcasts based on their listening habits, featured shows, and other filters.

Download Himalaya for iOS

Download Himalaya for Android

This was a compilation of applications that we recommend as the best podcast applications for both iOS and Android. Do you know any other good applications?

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