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What Is EULA: All You Need To Know About This Common Term!


 Do you want to navigate the legal jargon seamlessly but don’t know what is EULA and how to build it, then you have come to the right place. Read this article to know about it in depth.

- Updated: 28th Dec 2022, 18:24 IST
  • 1
    What is EULA?
    • Software Owner/Creator/provider
    • End-user/Software Buyer
  • 2
    What is the main purpose of EULA?
  • 3
    Different Names For a EULA
  • 4
    Is It Necessary To Provide EULA To End Users?
  • 5
    Circumstances When You Need a EULA
    • When You Want To Limit Violation
    • Limit Accountabilities
    • Offer Control
  • 6
    The Main Components Of EULA
  • 7
    How Can You Create a EULA?
    • With The Help Of a Generator
    • By Using a Template
    • Writing Your Own
  • 8
    To Wrap Up

What is EULA? Well, in simple terms, it is a legal agreement between the end user and a vendor (software owner). It highlights what an end user can and cannot do with the software which they have purchased from the vendor. The full form of EULA is End User License Agreement. It is also popularly known as a software license agreement.

This blog will break down everything you need to know about EULA and how you can create it.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get into the details.

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What is EULA?

What is EULA?

A EULA is a legal contract between the software owner and it’s the software end-user. This agreement provides the end user with a license to use the software or app that he/she has purchased from the software owner.

This legal agreement incorporates how the software buyer can use the software or app and how he/she cannot use it, what requirements the purchaser must meet, and what are the seller’s rights.

In this agreement, mainly two parties are involved.

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Software Owner/Creator/provider

If you have developed the software or own it, you will be the software provider. You have comprehensive rights to the software and can sell it to the end users. There are other common names for software owners, such as publisher, developer, licensor, etc.

End-user/Software Buyer

The software companies or the individuals who buy your software are called end users. They are also called licensees because they have purchased the license to utilise your product.

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What is the main purpose of EULA?

The main objective of this agreement is to protect the software owner’s rights incorporating copyright. This legal contract is not created to protect the end users’ rights.

Usually, EULA includes clauses that show ways in which end users:

  • can make use of software
  • cannot make use of software

An EULA tells the end users about the usage of the software, however; the end user does not own any right to the software and possesses no legal proprietorship rights. End users only have the right to use your software. They can never sell or transfer your software to a third party.

To make you understand it in detail, let us give you an example of a rental system. If you are a tenant, you do not own the house. Also, you cannot sell it to someone else. You only have a license to live in it. A landlord has legal ownership of the house.

This case remains the same with a EULA. As a purchaser end-user has the license to use the software/app, but its ownership always remains with the developer.

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Different Names For a EULA

A EULA has many different names, including:

  • License Agreement
  • User Agreement
  • Shrink-wrap License
  • Licensed Application End-user Agreement
  • Click-wrap License
  • Software License Agreement
  • Browse-wrap License

Is It Necessary To Provide EULA To End Users?

No. It is not compulsory to provide EULA to your software buyers. However, to avoid any legal hurdles in the future, it is advisable to provide such an agreement. This legal contract not only protects your ownership rights of the software but also limits the liability for the injury or damage that might occur when the customer utilises your software/product.

Circumstances When You Need a EULA

Whenever any legal issues arise, a EULA establishes the ownership rights guidelines by making you aware of that what to do and what not to do.

Here are circumstances when you need a EULA.

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When You Want To Limit Violation

A software or app is invented by you, so you own its rights. An end user can only use it. Whenever you create EULA, it prohibits the end user from copying, reverse engineering, using it for illegitimate work, or selling it to a third party.

Limit Accountabilities

If an end user uses your product/software and any damages occur in this case, this clause will limit the liabilities that the user can recover. When you have launched brand-new software, there might be a high chance of some bugs or errors. In this circumstance, such limitations are vital and give you peace of mind.

Offer Control

While creating EULA as a software owner, you establish the terms and conditions. For instance, you can only allow using your software for personal or commercial purposes or can set location-specific restrictions. Besides that, you also have the full power to revoke the license if you feel the end user is violating the EULA clauses.

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The Main Components Of EULA

Components of EULA

Generally, EULA varies from one product to the other; here are some main components of it that you should include while creating EULA for your product.

  • Licensor – Contact details, name, and address information of the person who invented the software.
  • Licensee – The name, contact details, and address information of the end user who wants to use the software.
  • Governing Law – It includes the state’s rules and regulations in case any conflicts arise.
  • Software – Name of the software that you are licensing for the usage of the end user.
  • Warranty Disclaimer – It provides details that the software is given “as is,” and the developer is not at all responsible for any issues that might occur because of the software usage.
  • Violation Acknowledgement – It states that if the violation occurs, it assigns to the licensee.
  • Licensee Granting – It gives permission to the licensee to use the software.
  • Maintenance And Support – It includes clear information on how the maintenance and support will be given, when it will be given, and how often it will be given.
  • Start Date – It discloses on which date or at what point the user is bound to the rules and regulations. For instance, an end user may be bound to the terms when he/she downloads or when they open the package.
  • Site Licenses – It tells if the user is allowed to install the software on more than one device or not.
  • User Restrictions – These put limitations on how a user can legally utilise the app.
  • Termination – It tells in which kind of violation the software owner can cancel the EULA agreement.

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How Can You Create a EULA?

Generally, there are various ways to create a EULA agreement.

With The Help Of a Generator

You can create a EULA agreement using a EULA generator. All you need to do is fill in some basic details about your software and the terms and conditions you want your users to follow. And you are done!

By Using a Template

You can even create a EULA agreement using some free EULA templates. Here all you need to do is fill in the details about your business and software.

Writing Your Own

You can even create a EULA agreement that is personalised as per your needs. You need to cover all the components discussed above while writing your tailored EULA.

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To Wrap Up

In summary, EULA will let you promote your app or software confidently to end users. The main aim of it is to protect your ownership rights, set limits to your legal liability, and establish end-user responsibilities. It is a must-have agreement that you require for a business. Hopefully, from the above discussion, you got to know what is EULA and how it can guard you against possible disputes.

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