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What Is WhatsApp Channels For Broadcast?


What is the WhatsApp channels feature, and how will it benefit users and organisations? Know it all here, along with the security measures that WhatsApp provides for these channels

- Updated: 22nd Sep 2023, 18:08 IST
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    What Are WhatsApp Channels?
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    What Security Measures Has WhatsApp Introduced For Channels?
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    Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Channels For Admins
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    How Are WhatsApp Channels Beneficial For Users
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    My Thoughts

We all know that WhatsApp is the most used app for social networking. Be it voice calls, video chats or just regular conversations, it is the first thing that comes to our minds. With loads of new features unveiled with every update, the chatting experience on WhatsApp keeps getting better day by day. Well, in today’s article, I’m here to tell you all about WhatsApps new feature called WhatsApp Channels. So what are WhatsApp channels? And how can it be useful for brands?

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What Are WhatsApp Channels?

What Is WhatsApp Channels?

Basically, WhatsApp Channels is a feature wherein users can receive updates from people, brands, and organisations of their choice. WhatsApp will introduce a new tab called ‘Updates’ under which users can view their contact’s status updates along with channel updates.

The updates tab will be a new tab to tag along with the already existing chats, calls, and communities tab. WhatsApp users will see their contact’s status updates and channels they are subscribed to under the Updates tab.

Admins of brands can use the feature as a way of sending texts, pictures, stickers, and polls to their patrons as a way of better customer engagement. To help users find channels to subscribe to, WhatsApp will introduce a search directory. Channels can range from users’ hobbies, sports teams, updates from local officials, and more. Users can also join channels through invite links over chats, emails, or online posts.

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What Security Measures Has WhatsApp Introduced For Channels?

WhatsApp is aiming to build the most private broadcast service with its new feature. WhatsApp claims protection of the personal information of both the admins and followers. Here’s how:

  • The channel admin’s phone number and profile photo will not be revealed to subscribers. For channel patrons, their phone numbers and profile pictures will not be revealed to the admin or to the other followers.
  • Channel updates history will only be stored on WhatsApp servers for up to 30 days. The channel updates won’t be sticking around forever. WhatsApp will also provide ways to make these updates disappear from the follower’s devices quicker.
  • Admins will also be provided with the option to block screenshots and forwards from their respective channels.
  • Also, WhatsApp will provide the option for admins to decide who can follow their channel and whether they would like their channel to be discoverable or not.

Currently, the channels feature will not be end-to-end encrypted as it aims to reach a wider audience. This will be considered at a later stage for channels with limited audiences, like health or non-profit organizations.

WhatsApp will begin rolling out this feature for select organisations in Colombia and Singapore. The Channels feature will roll out to more countries and users in the near future.

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Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Channels For Admins

  • Larger audience reaches: You can show your content and reach a wider audience through the channels. They can have as many as 250,000 subscribers.
  • One-Way Communication: It is a one-way communication feature. So admins can send messages without having to worry about subscribers replying. This creates for effective sharing of information with no annoying subscribers to deal with.
  • Privacy: By default, channels are private. Only the users subscribed to your channel can see what you post. You can also make sure that your channel can appear in the search directories.
  • Accessibility: To avoid users from installing another app, users can see status updates and channels within WhatsApp itself.

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How Are WhatsApp Channels Beneficial For Users


Individuals can search and find channels for their favorite brands and subscribe to them. This could include channels for pursuing hobbies, sports, health, non-profit, and so much more.


Organisations can create their own channels to reach a wider audience and engage them to a greater extent. With channels, organisations can post daily updates, announcements, and developments.


Businesses can make use of these channels to develop better connections with clients and customers. With this, businesses can inform about developments.


Influencers can get better engagement with their followers as they are notified of any post, announcements or content put up by them.

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My Thoughts

With every new feature added, the WhatsApp experience keeps getting better and better each day. And with the introduction of WhatsApp channels would definitely help users and organisations remain connected in a better manner. Users can follow and stay updated on the latest developments of their favourite brands. I believe this feature would be handy for brands and businesses who share developments and other content in the most private way possible.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has recently introduced its new feature called WhatsApp Channels.
  • This is on the lines of channels already rolled out by platforms like Telegram.
  • They are a great way for brands, businesses, and organisations to connect with their followers.
  • They will first roll out to users in Colombia and Singapore. Expect a wider rollout in the coming months.

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