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Will My Apple Pay Card Work In India?


Apple pay card is still not available in India. Here we’ll explore the issues in India that Apple is facing regarding the Apple pay card arrival in India.

- Updated: 2nd May 2022, 12:51 IST
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    What is Apple Pay?
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    Is it possible for Indians to use Apple Pay?
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    Privacy issues
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    Is Apple Pay available in India this year?
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    Will the Apple Pay card come to India?
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    Final Thoughts

Will Apple pay card work in India or not? A big question mark for those who own this card. And the answer is No. This cashless payment mode will not work in India. The reason behind this is huge custom tariffs and municipal taxes in India. Continue reading this post to explore more about the Apple pay card and the issue faced in the Indian market.

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What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology specially designed for Apple devices. This card replaces your physical cards like debit, credit cards and cash with an easier and more secure option on your iPhone or Apple watch. With this contactless payment mode, users can pay directly in stores and restaurants.

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Is it possible for Indians to use Apple Pay?

will my Apple pay card work in India

As per reports, Indians cannot use Apple pay. Instead of being the world’s largest technology company, Apple has refrained from introducing its main cashless payment system, Apple Pay, in India. The question is, why did Apple get to this conclusion? Continue reading to find out the truth about this matter!

Privacy issues

Apple has stated that it has no knowledge of what consumers are buying or doing using Apple Pay. The reason for this is that Apple does not save any information about what users of Pay purchase or transact. Pay utilises 256-bit encryption for industry-standard security.

Apple Pay will undoubtedly launch in India shortly, owing to the government’s push to support the cashless drive; however, there are a few obstructions. They must try to integrate its system with Indian point-of-sale devices, as well as cling to a few designs and guidelines modified as per Indian needs and norms, as Samsung did with the debut of Samsung Pay.

This cashless payment mode could be available in India very soon. It’s straightforward. It is far too costly to begin. As per reports, Samsung Pay was unveiled in India in March 2017, as you may be aware. Samsung Pay has tailored its features according to the needs of the Indian population, and it’s relatively cheaper than Apple pay.

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Is Apple Pay available in India this year?

Currently, it’s unavailable and is not accepted in India. You’ll face many issues while adding payment cards to the Wallet app.

Will the Apple Pay card come to India?

The Apple pay card is not available in India right now. Despite being accessible in other countries for five years. According to reports, Apple has decided not to launch their contactless payment system Apple pay in India and the reason behind it is regulatory roadblocks.

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Final Thoughts

Why would Apple jump on board in a market where they don’t have much of a share if a firm like Samsung, which is powerful in India, had troubles after investing so much money and still failed? Indians, on the other hand, can use Samsung pay, UPI, and G-pay even if they don’t have access to Apple pay right now.

Apple the world’s most valuable technology company has decided not to launch its major cashless payment system Apple Pay in India, and this has been labelled as an anti-digital India move. Why did Apple come to this decision? Keep reading to know the truth about this situation.

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